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Fallout by Rahll
Fallout by Rahll
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C418 - Minimal06:08

C418 - Minimal

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Music Video05:57

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Music Video

Blackmill Feat06:04

Blackmill Feat. Veela - Let It Be (Full Version)

Two Steps From Hell - Final Corridor01:53

Two Steps From Hell - Final Corridor

Nathan Larson-Aviva Pastoral02:09

Nathan Larson-Aviva Pastoral

Myst II Riven Soundtrack Gehn's Theme04:00

Myst II Riven Soundtrack Gehn's Theme


And God said: Let them have beer!

Welcome Fallout lovers to the one and only Strategic Nuclear Moose! The Nukapedian cantina that doesn't discriminate, whether you be ghoul, super mutant, or our deities, the brahmin overlords! So huddle around, grab a slightly radioactive beer, and tell of your wasteland tales!

Huddle around the campfire

Are you the type of wastelander that's been living under a rock in fear of being eaten alive by radroaches and molerats? Looking for a place to catch up on what's going on in the wasteland around you? Or maybe you're just looking for a little company that actually has skin and functional bowels? If so, grab a chair or wench and join us around the campfire! Just be warned, you never know what you might find and hear in this bootlegging sanctuary of ours.

  • A caravan passing through made note that the Legion swept through the nearby settlement of Radglave. Most of the inhabitants there were hauled off to slave camps, no doubt, but there were a few survivors - If you can call them that. - that had been crucified and left to die. It seems the Legate himself is moving in on the inner settlements, right under the noses of the NCR. Let's hope they don't get any more ambitious, or we're going to be forced to leave this cantina behind.
  • Dr. Usanagi has packed up and headed back up to California after an incident where two of her doctors were killed by Fiends looking for a "Quick fix". The good news is that the Hidden Valley Brotherhood of Steel has finally come out of hiding, and are now looking to instate alliances with the nearby towns and power-players. They're giving out medicine to the locals and even some of that tech of theirs to the more influential types.
  • A group of Delphi scientists were passing through on their way to some great city in the East. Seems like they traveled long and far to visit a place of fable around these parts known as the "Institute". Must have found the place too, because they were hauling some real fancy equipment with them. Had some strange looking men protecting the cargo as well. Seems a mighty strange thing to notice, but... they had no smell to them, and they never seemed to sleep. One of them scientists was talking to ol' Leon before they headed off. Seems they discovered through the research they obtained that Human intelligence is some sort of genetic mistake. Seems they can even replicate this mistake in other animals as well. Scary thought, don't ya think, partner?
  • Now, don't get me wrong, there are some good and decent ghouls out there in the wasteland. Hell, I even used to travel with one back in the day when I was still full of piss and vinegar. Everyone's on edge lately though with that recent outbreak of feral ghouls from some old locked down penitentiary from down South. Caught one that had snuck into town the other night chewing on one of the vagrants that had been sleeping in a ditch. It's best these days to keep one eye open and to keep a gun under your pillow.
  • There's some strange tales coming from Silicon Valley of a Skyscraper that survived the Great War. We first learned of it after coming across a wastelander who was near death and who's mind was obviously broken. Before putting him out of his misery, he muttered one word: "Olympus". A few friends from our group got together a group of treasure hunters with the idea of finding this tower for themselves. They'll be leaving in the morning if you wish to tag along with them.

Aces Theatre

Aces' Theatre is open again Check out this weeks act, and if you're feeling courageous, start work on your own. Just step through those doors right over there.

Meet the patrons

The SNM Serenader

Heartless Frankie


Father Fate

Phase the Historian


Ask Harry


Looking for a little entertainment? Then check out the bounty board!

The Think Tank

Are you the yella-bellied boot licking egg-head type of fellow that has his fancy tickled by a good debate? Look no further!

  • Poll #3 - If you were to be mutated, which would you prefer to be? Winner: Non-feral Ghoul with 40 votes.
  • Poll #4 - Which Fallout creature did you prefer to eat? Winner: Mirelurk with 42 votes.
  • Poll #5 - Which set of power armor did you prefer? Winner: Standard t-51b power armor with 71 votes.
  • Poll #6 - Should the BoS appear in the next Fallout game? Winner: Yes:180|No:33

  • Poll #7 -
    Which of these were your favorite and "different" Fallout headware?

    The poll was created at 10:04 on June 18, 2012, and so far 93 people voted.
  • Poll #8 -
    Which method of killing Sticky pleases you the most?

    The poll was created at 17:18 on May 6, 2014, and so far 0 people voted.
The SNM Gauntlet

Has your entire life revolved around showing everyone that you are #1? Then show us your skills and crush all those who oppose you!


*Looking for a challenge? Then head on down to the Patron's Lounge! Whether you're interesting in just showing off your skills, or even if you're just looking at the mad loot we have as prizes, there's always fun to be had here!

The Karaoke Corner

Pressures of the wasteland getting to you? Just lost your wife due to derelict medical machinery? (Too soon?) Hop on over to the the Karaoke corner then, grab a mic, put on a tune, and sing us the blues!

Spend the night

Lost track of the time and now there's cazadores prowling outside? Pull out your sleeping bag and enjoy the entertainment!

  • First interview - Our first interview is from a man of noble Brazilian descent! Please welcome our very own Crimson Frankie, who rose up through the ranks and is quickly becoming a respected member of our wonderful community here at Nukapedia!
  • Second interview - Are you passionate when considering the Fallout universe? Does the mere mention of a Vault or a deathclaw send shivers down your spine, and a spring in your britches? Then take a read of our interview for our very own professional bastard!
  • A story and wishlist of mine! Let me know what you think.
  • Featured Article Page #5 Interested in all of those hidden gems that make the Fallout universe so damn unique? Well you're in the right place! This edition's featured article page is over the mysterious magazine named the "Cat's Paw". Whether you hold on to them for more discreet reasons, or if you're gathering them for the oh so lovely Miss Kitty, you're always in for a treat when you find these little treasures!
Fo1 Cats Paw

Still not stimulating enough for you? Why not try the Saturday polls from our favorite piece of Australian hardware?

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Skyrim 2012 Phoenix Comicon Cut13:20

Skyrim 2012 Phoenix Comicon Cut

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Skyrim Hoarders03:03

Skyrim Hoarders

Packing it up

Thank you for visiting the Strategic Nuclear Moose and we will be looking forward to seeing you again! Make sure to leave us some feedback in the navbar below before you leave as there will be a new one with every edition!


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