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Welcome post-apocalptia lovers, to the one and only Strategic Nuclear Moose! The Nukapedian cantina that doesn't discriminate, whether you be ghoul, super mutant, or our deities, the brahmin overlords! So huddle around, grab a slightly radioactive beer, and tell of your wasteland tales!

Huddle around the campfire
Are you the type of wastelander that's been living under a rock in fear of being eaten alive by radroaches and molerats? Looking for a place to catch up on what's going on in the wasteland around you? Or maybe you're just looking for a little company that actually has skin and functional bowels? If so, grab a chair or wench, and join us around the campfire! Just be warned: you never know what you might find and hear in this bootlegging sanctuary of ours.
Leon the Brewmeister
TALK - What's the gossip around Nukapedia?

Managed to get the gene-projector up and running the other day. Why not give it a twirl and see what you'd look like if you were in some sort of game?

Holodisks are always hard to come by after 200 years of wear and tear. Help us out with our reclamation process, so our children can appreciate a few Old World films in these hard times.

Our archivists have convinced the Nukapedian council to clarify upon how our citizens handle sensitive information, and to enforce information being placed in their correct areas afterwards. Didn't think those dusty old bags at the archives would even show themselves to the sun, lest appeal to the council!

After the bombs dropped, we lost much of our culture, and we've been forced to shovel brahmin shit and drink ourselves into a stupor as a way to combat sheer boredom when we're not killing each other. Had some technicians breeze through town, though, and it seems they've managed to set up an audio system to play music periodically. Wonder how long it'll take before salvaged by the local prospectors.

For those of you still living under a rock, our resident orator had set up a public show-case with a few Old World ghouls in discussing the current state of the wasteland.

Seems like war really doesn't change, and Nukapedia is no exception to the rule. Even in our own town hall, we've been reduced to bickering and fighting amongst ourselves. Will this just blow over? Will there be a new split in the community? Only time will tell.

The psykers outside of town have spoken of strange winds blowing, and prophesize change throughout the wastes soon, yet have refused to speak of such changes further than that.

Wasteland 2

Wasteland 2 is the direct sequel to Wasteland, a post-apocalyptic game involving a nuclear holocaust that took place in 1998, in relation to an impact event involving a cluster of meteors that sparked a global nuclear war. On the day of the cataclysm, a company of U.S. Army engineers were in the desolate south-western desert constructing bridges in an area with a number of small survivalist communities and a newly-constructed federal death row prison with light industrial facilities. The soldiers sought shelter in the prison, expelled the inmates and invited nearby survivalists to join them shortly thereafter. This event formed the Desert Rangers, in the great tradition of the Texas and Arizona Rangers", to help other survivors in the desert and beyond it.


Project Eternity - Rezzed 2013 Developer Sessions

Project Eternity - Rezzed 2013 Developer Sessions

New Wasteland 2 Concept-Art


Kickstarter Update
With this newest update from InXile, a quick video reveals some of finished features of the inventory screen. Their top design goals with inventory is to make sure such a design is functional and easy to navigate for the player. A few other designs not noted within the video are as follows:

  • Key bindings for menus and commonly used items. You’ll have the ability to designate hot keys for quick navigation of things like trading items to a specific party member or entering into various menus.
  • Mouse-overs for all relevant icons and backpack items to give detailed stats. Each of the icon details on the item pictures and inventory slots will have mouse-overs that show all of the granular stats you've come to expect from hardcore RPG's.

The Last of Us


The Last of Us follows the perspective of current survivalist and previous father Joel as the outbreak of a specialized strain of cordyceps renders the world asunder and threatens humanity with utter extinction. Merely trying to make it through life day by day, fate finds Joel and Tess, his partner in crime, through a series of events which leads to them escorting a young and infected, but immune Ellie, to a group known as the Fireflies; a resistance group looking to reverse the damage they caused with the rampant fungi.

Naughty Dog Accusation - Ellen Page
With the rising popularity of The Last of Us, as well as many critics and journalists claiming the game to be a masterpiece for its genre, it has come to the surprise of many that the fungus-infested post-apocalyptic game has found itself under scrutiny and controversy in the form of one of its main protagonists: Ellie. Ellen Page, the young actress known best for her role as Juno, as well as making a name for herself in the gaming industry for her role as Jodie Holmes in the upcoming game Beyond: Two Souls, has confirmed her disappointment in that she believes that Naughty Dog manipulated her image as Ellie without her sought approval. Whether this belief is warranted or not has not quite yet been established, and is waiting pending results.

The Science Behind the Concept
Ever wondered how the Infected came into being? Their origins are a lot closer to home than you'd think, with thousands upon millions of other species fighting against the horror and beauty of the symbiote cordyceps. And just when you thought that feral ghouls and headcrabs were bad!

Naughty Dog Accusation - Cameron Booth
On-top of the Ellen Page controversy, it appears now that a man by the name of Cameron Booth has brought to light that his intellectual property in the form of a Boston Transit Map was claimed by Naughty Dog for use in The Last of Us without the author's knowing. After an admitted regrettable post, the author has now revealed his contact with Naughty Dog, and that the incident should be put to rest fairly quickly.



Borderlands takes place on the frontier planet Pandora; a planet plagued by opportunistic weapons corporations, cutthroat research firms, and mutated psychos. Despite these short-comings and short-life spans of those that inhabit the lands, Pandora is widely trafficked and highly sought after by those looking for fame and fortune, due to the rumours of treasure vaults and Eridium deposits.

The End is 'Nigh?
An unfortunate scarlet day is coming to those of you residing on Pandora, as it seems the story there is coming to a quick end with the revealing of Tiny Tina and her assault on Dragon Keep. So make sure to put on your best game-face and get to adventuring while the rutting is still good!

Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep
Time to get ready for the newest adventure starring Tiny Tina, the unstable 13 year-old lass that has blown herself into our hearts with her expertise in demolitions. Think you have what it takes to wrap up this last challenge in style?



Black Mesa. The research facility that started it all, with an experiment in dimensional resonance going awry and changing the face of the Earth forever. With the hostile alien hybrids known as the Combine quickly converting the few survivors after 20 years of world domination, the only hope for humanity lies in the hands of a silent physicist known as Freeman, with the help of a rag-tag team of survivors and scientists.

Unexpected Patch
For those of you still hanging around the world of Mr. Breen and the Zen invasion, no doubt you've come across the strange phenomenon where everyone has inexplicably began speaking Korean.

Garry's Mod - Rust
Having Kleiner making weird faces and doing awkward things with the gravity gun finally losing its charm? Well, then don't we have good news for you! From the creators of Garry's Mod, Rust is a survival game where you, as the player, can create your own home and defenses against the ravages of the wilderness around you.

Featured Presentation

Gizmo's Workshop
Car Bay Waste disposal drop

Welcome to Gizmo's Workshop, a collaborative effort between the Strategic Nuclear Moose's patrons and the citizens out Nukapedia way to help bring some technical insight into the lives of us ignorant wastelanders! Looking to get your hands on a few mods or even learn how to make them yourself? We've got you covered here. Been poking about in a few Vaults and managed to find yourself a fully-functioning G.E.C.K.? We'll make sure to teach you how to use the damn thing before you blow another crater into our lovely patch of wastes! So how about you take a seat and let's get cracking.


Welcome to the Workshop

Hello Nukapedians! My name is Leon, and I will periodically do Fallout: New Vegas mod reviews. This week I have chosen the spotlight of mods, years in the making, the one and only Project: Brazil!.

What does this mod involve? - (SPOILERS!)
Project: Brazil is a complete conversion mod that separates itself from the original game. Upon starting up a new game, a command prompt will appear, in which the player gets to determine whether they'd prefer starting the game in Mole Butt's house, or if they'd rather begin playing in the depths of a Vault; quickly thrust into the middle of a life-changing football game.

At this point, the player gets the choice to either become a nerd, or an athlete, which greatly affects the decisions and outcome later throughout the mod. As a nerd, many robotic companions become available (with the consequence of losing a couple of human companions), as well as the ability to thoroughly hack the Vault's mainframe; revealing a great many secrets and foreshadowing into the events to come. As an athlete, the player gains the ability to have all of the human companions, with the consequence of losing out on the two robotic companions.

Part 1 of the mod keeps itself going with a fairly moderate pace, allowing the player, whether a nerd or an athlete, the chance to mingle, plant the seeds for future relationships, delve into the history of the Vault and the newest generation of Vault dwellers, which were brought in by a group known as the Wasteland Scouts, tinker around with unique robotic companions, and even sneaking around, discovering dark and shocking secrets behind those with the most power within the Vault. Or, should the football game have taken too much of a toll on the player, one can simply go to sleep, with the discovery of chaos in the morning being a bit more of a surprise.

After going to bed, the player finds themselves thrown into the middle of a civil war, between Vault security and the Enclave; which have brainwashed a good portion of the Vault into helping with the hostile take-over. As a nerd, the player is forced to fight against the Enclave "patriots", and must find the Overseer and other survivors for a chance of escaping the massacre. As an athlete, the player has the option to side with the Enclave, which will require the purging of everyone deemed unworthy within the Vault. Whichever side is chosen, the player will eventually be forced to escape from the quickly deteriorating Vault, after the Overseer reveals that he's activated the Vault's self-destruct mechanism, and out into the wastes with a small army of companions and robots.

Escaping the Vault and Enclave check-points just outside, a group known as the Survivalists will ambush those escaping, and a three way battle between the Survivalists, Vault security, and Enclave will begin. At this point, Project: Brazil becomes a sandbox, and will be continued in part 2 of the saga sometime in the near future.

Is it fun?
For Fallout: New Vegas, I find myself more disappointed than not when trying out quest and conversion mods. But Project: Brazil has clearly had a lot of effort put into it, and it has come out as one of the best mods I've ever had the pleasure of playing through. I would definitely recommend this mod to any hardcore Fallout players.

Sounds fun, where can I find more information?

Pros & Cons

  • yesIcon check
    • Some of the best voice-acting I've seen in a fan-made mod. With the exception of one NPC. If you've played this mod, I'm about 100% sure you'll know who I'm talking about.
    • This mod is actually challenging. Speech checks can actually get you in trouble or even killed, many opportunities can be lost by making stupid decisions, and the civil war and fights with the Survivalists are down-right brutal at times.
    • The story so far is amazing, and follows lore precisely; making up lore only in areas that haven't been established yet.
    • Immersion. In this mod, you actually feel like a big part of what's going on, and not just because you're some born demi-God like the Lone Wanderer or Courier. And once the Vault has been escaped, the landscape is downright beautiful and aesthetically correct, with plenty of locations to be found and even a city.
  • New weapons? New armour? New enemies? More please!
  • neutralIcon neutral
    • Keeping up with updates, it seems like the rest of the mod won't be finished anytime soon, which is a pretty big disappointment after being wowed with Part 1 and then left hanging.
    • Sometimes, there are a few meshes and textures missing, which can break immersion a bit.
  • noIcon cross
    • Many of the NPC's body types can be incompatible with other mods, instead of each NPC having their own self-contained body-type. This leads to quite a few very annoying distortion effects.
    • Sometimes the mod just feels too stereotypical. I understand it to a large point, but sometimes it just gets downright annoying and breaks immersion. For instance, as an athlete, why shouldn't I have the option to understand what my siblings mean when explaining the RPG they're playing? As a nerd, why I am ignored by the majority of the jocks for simply being a nerd?


Video Demo
Note: I did not make this video, and this video shows features and music not present in the actual mod. All copyright goes to the original video maker.

Fallout Project Brazil Introduction

Fallout Project Brazil Introduction

Are there any Fallout: New Vegas mods you would like me to review next time? Comment on this blog or send me a talk page message.


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The Skuz Pitt
Civil Protection (Half-Life)
Combine Soldier
NCR Ranger concept
NCR Ranger
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The Think Tank

Are you the yella-bellied boot licking egg-head type of fellow that has his fancy tickled by a good debate? Look no further!

Challenge of the Week - Info-Box Challenge
For this weeks challenge, any want-to-be contestants may create an info-box of their personal Fallout character, as well as a back-story to them.


  • Up to three images may be used. Images must be wasteland-related.
  • You must have an account to participate. This is to help prevent multiple entries from the same person.
  • Insulting other people's entries will result in your entry being disqualified, as well as a possible ban.


  • Winner - 1 bottlecap
  • Loser - 1 Ringpull
  • A complimentary back-tab for the SNM Game-Room.


Bio - This lovable little mole rat pup was the mascot of Jaynestown and pet to Janaschi. All was well for Liiga until the day she was kidnapped by raiders and was forced to race against others of her kind at the mole rat race track in the Capital Wasteland. Now she wanders from settlement to settlement hoping to find her old master.

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  • Favourite casino? - The Tops
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Spend the night

Lost track of the time and now there's cazadores prowling outside? Pull out your sleeping bag and enjoy the entertainment!


Fallout Skyline - Apprentice

The Fallout:Apprentice is now back up and running and looking for contestants! So why not take a gander and join in on some friendly competition?
Featured Article Page #8 - Krivbeknih

The Krivbeknih

Interested in all of those hidden gems that make the Fallout universe so damn unique? Well, you're in the right place! This edition's featured article page is over the Krivbeknih; a sinister and mysterious book that originated from before the Great War It has found itself through the hands of many men, and eventually found itself being worshiped by the residents of Point Lookout, eventually attracting the attention of an Obadiah Blackhall, who wished to use the book as a means of controlling the swampfolk for his own bidding. Should the Lone Wanderer retrieve the book and return to the Capital Wasteland with it, it is possible to destroy the book by taking it to the Dunwich Building and pressing it against the Obelisk that resides underneath. Just be warned: rumour has it that the dead still roam the area, and are seemingly still searching for the Krivbeknih.
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It Came From Radiation (Fallout Machinima)

It Came From Radiation (Fallout Machinima)

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Fallout 3 Rebirth Episode One (Fallout 3 Machinima)

Fallout 3 Rebirth Episode One (Fallout 3 Machinima)

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