50 Vault-Tec C.E.O.
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Talon Company camp interior

With the increasing tensions in the D.C. ruins, the Talon Company have began expanding their influence, with most actions being directed through the Talon Company forward base.


Located next to the remains of the White House, the Talon Company forward base can only be reached by traveling through the Penn. Ave Northwest station in Pennsylvania Avenue, going up the stairs, and proceeding straight until reaching the building to the north.

Notable loot

A large amount of Talon Company gear can be looted here should one have the means of killing the garrisoned soldiers.

Related quests

Total Warfare Mambo - The Talon Company forward base must be traveled to in order to speak with Commandant Aix and proceed to the next part of this quest.


  • While Commandant Aix can be found here for the majority of the DLC, he cannot be killed in this location, as he always speaks to the Lone Wanderer through bullet/laser proof panes of glass.
  • Super mutants regularly spawn outside of the base, including super mutant overlords should Broken Steel be installed, causing fast-traveling to this location to be either a hazardous or lucrative tactic.