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Welcome Fallout lovers to the one and only Strategic Nuclear Moose! The Nukapedian cantina that doesn't discriminate, whether you be ghoul, super mutant, or our deities, the brahmin overlords! So huddle around, grab a slightly radioactive beer, and tell of your wasteland tales!
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Are you the type of wastelander that's been living under a rock in fear of being eaten alive by radroaches and molerats? Looking for a place to catch up on what's going on in the wasteland around you? Or maybe you're just looking for a little company that actually has skin and functional bowels? If so, grab a chair or wench and join us around the campfire! Just be warned, you never know what you might find and hear in this bootlegging sanctuary of ours.

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Leon the Bartender
TALK - What's the gossip around Nukapedia?

Looks like our local news-man Chad himself has started up the Apprentice again! So head on over and take a break from killing your friends for once by just competing with them instead!

For all of you that don't know, Nukapedia recently sent out an expedition out California way. The bodies of two of our very own were recently sent back to us along with a journal detailing their travels.

Eating mutated animals and trash has always been the norm for survivors treking around the wastes. But maybe, just maybe it doesn't have to be entirely vomit inducing and filled with enough rads to keel you over.

Change is inevitable, and today is no exception to this rule. So make sure to have your voice heard on what you'd like to see out Nukapedia way!

In most of the communities scattered about the wastes, the law-enforcement tends to be a bit abrasive. But around Nukapedia, we're always looking to involve our community and to answer any questions and/or concerns they might have for us.

Not many people are looking to trace their family-trees in this day of age, but we're always looking to help out where we can within our community.

Mutual alliances have always been welcome to us, and Nukapedia could use some new friends as we keep expanding our borders. So come in and have a say over who we should keep close.

Mutated bug infestations have always been a problem for Nukapedia and its outlying communities. Let us know if you have a solution.

Quite a few outlanders coming in from the west looking to settle around these parts. So how about you get off your lazy wasteland asses and help out?

Jack Strauss
TALK - That's a mighty fancy journal you're carrying around, stranger. There a reason you keeping it out in the open, or are you just asking to be jumped the moment you leave this here bar?
This journal's mysteries give me purpose, and has now led me to this back-waste cantina. Maybe you can help me find what I'm looking for? Would be a better solution, else I find myself dealing with you the same way I dealt with your friends outside.

Legate Lanius
TALK - What is the Legate doing at the Moose?

As future conquerer of these lands, I have traveled throughout the Mojave wasteland spreading the truths of my past, and heralding the return of the Legion into these lands.

We are growing larger and larger every day, but we still lack the true army needed to integrate New Vegas and the Mojave into the war machine of the Legion. Tribes from all around our coming to us in respect, and hoping they can prove themselves able enough to join our vision. Any ambassador may come to my camp in hopes of winning my favour.

Fund Fallout Lanius on IndieGoGo!

Fund Fallout Lanius on IndieGoGo!

Fallout Lanius - Promo Teaser

Fallout Lanius - Promo Teaser


Ron the Narrator
Kas the Narrator
TALK - We've all heard tales of your exploits. Care to share your experiences?

As a Legion deserter, I've been on the run for longer than I can even remember. My travels to escape from the wrath of Caesar has led me through many strange lands, and I have witnessed both soul-crushing horrors and unnatural spectacles. Take a seat and I'll begin my tales at the myth known as the Sierra Madre.
TALK - Welcome, Stranger. What's your story?

I bring news of a dark shadow covering the lands to the southwest. A land destroyed by the Great Tidal Wave, and raider bands roaming through the once magnificent city of L.A.
Wasteland 2 - первый взгляд на игру

Wasteland 2 - первый взгляд на игру

Think you have what it takes to meet this challenge head-on? I suggest testing your bravado against my test course, first.

Wasteland 2 Gameplay

Wasteland 2 Gameplay

Featured Presentation

Gizmo's Workshop
Car Bay Waste disposal drop

Welcome to Gizmo's Workshop, a collaborative effort between the Strategic Nuclear Moose's patrons and the citizens out Nukapedia way to help bring some technical insight into the lives of us ignorant wastelanders! Looking to get your hands on a few mods or even learn how to make them yourself? We've got you covered here. Been poking about in a few Vaults and managed to find yourself a fully-functioning G.E.C.K.? We'll make sure to teach you how to use the damn thing before you blow another crater into our lovely patch of wastes! So how about you take a seat and let's get cracking.


Welcome to the Workshop

Hello there, my name is DragonBorn96 and I'd like to welcome you to Gizmo's workshop. This is a feature that I, along with a few others users are currently working on, and it's all about game mods. Sadly at the moment I can only work with Fallout: New Vegas, though if anyone has a copy of other moddable Fallout games and would like to get involved, then send me a message and I'll see if we can include you.

Now, to the actual mod...

This week, we'll be looking at Beyond Boulder Dome.

Beyond Boulder Dome is a fanmade DLC project created by a group of users on the New Vegas Nexus. This mod takes the player to an area that should sound familiar to those of you who read around our wiki, especially to those of you that have done any reading about Van Buren (the cancelled Fallout 3).

As the name implies this mod takes you to the city known as Boulder, a heavily radiated and dilapidated area in Colorado. Within this area, one can find the Boulder Dome, the namesake and centre point of this mod pack. Without trying to spoil too much of the story, here’s an idea of what you could be playing, right from the mod’s page on the New Vegas Nexus.

"Beyond the Dome, outside the highly toxic ruins of Boulder, two factions are moving in.

The NCR has a deadly and unmerciful mission, to stop the spread of the Seltsam Syndrome by eliminating all potential carriers. They have tracked the disease to its last known vestige, The Boulder Dome itself. The Colorado branch of the Brotherhood of Steel have also set their sights on the Dome. Its noble leader seeks to control the Dome for the good of the region, to bring peace to the chaos. Very close to a real, working cure for the Seltsam Syndrome, he offers a peaceful solution.

Forced into the middle of things, is a simple courier, far from home. The decisions of the courier may slide the balance in many different ways, ultimately determining the fate of the scientists of The Boulder Dome."

Is it like the Van Buren Version?

Well I can certainly say that it borrows elements from the Van Buren. From the the location, to the plot in some instances. Players familiar with the concept for he Boulder Dome and it's area will certainly be able to recognise parts of this mod. Although it does deviate from the concept of the Dome, it's plot still follows the basic line the concept does. I do like this, as even though the developers have borrowed from the concept of the dome, they have still made an effort to make it their own and creating their own plot.

How does it play? What's the difficulty like?

This is where I move onto a negative. The quest line given to you during this mod certainly is extensive, and will have you going over the entire map as a good DLC should. However, I found myself confused quite a bit when going to certain objectives. The quest markers given to me just seemed to point at nothing. Of course, being able to put hours into this and still not be done is a large positive, by the time I had done the main quest, I had barely scratched the surface of the mod as a whole. I still had a lot of land to cover, a lot of quirky characters (all fully voiced!) to meet and plenty of stuff to do. But I can't help but feel like a large portion of the time I spent while playing this mod was trying to figure out what on earth to do, and where on earth to go! But hey, the challenge is all part of the fun of it. Eventually, despite the vagueness of some objectives, with a little bit of thought I was able to progress.

In addition to a whole new environment, we are faced with a plethora of new creatures that roam this new wasteland, and true to form, they are all trying to kill you. If I wasn't stopping to admire the brilliant new models created for these enemies, I was having my insides ripped out by the very same creatures. I was already equipped with what I thought was some pretty good equipment, and I found that some of the first enemies I encountered were actually a challenge! At the same time, I was at the higher levels, I was pleased to see that even when you can get the best equipment, there are still enemies that can give you a run for your caps.

Is it fun?

Beyond Boulder Dome is certainly a fun experience. Although there were a few moments where I was stuck in part of the map, with no idea where to go, the events, the characters and the general experience of playing this mod certainly meant that these small moments where I was troubled soon meant very little.

If it weren't for the cast in this mod, I'm certain I wouldn't have enjoyed this mod as much. For the majority of the time, I wandered through Boulder with two new companions. Going from a girl with cybernetics planted in her head to a tragic ghoul playwrite who tended to give me a monologue as soon as I said "howdy-doo". Jumping between sudden re-enactments of Shakespeare and then charging a gas-mask clad NCR Death Squad with a cane. Suffice to say, this tragic fellow soon learned why they were called "Death Squads".

It was great fun running back and forth through the ruins trying to collect my companions, or for the most part, trying to collect what was left of my ex-companions, that is when I'm not trying to hide from the Death Squads. The challenge in this DLC is truly what's fun, just trying to get from point A to point B in the ruins of boulder was an adventure in it's own right, the thrill was all in the chase. Where is the fun if I'm just plonked into the middle of Boulder, and then cruise through it? Because I don't know.

Where can I get it?

You can find this mod, as well as further information on it by following these links:


To sum up,

  • yesIcon check Brilliant visuals, new textures and models,
  • yesIcon check Story that builds well on existing concepts,
  • yesIcon check Professional, characters are fully voiced and well acted,
  • yesIcon check Enemies for the most part present a welcome challenge,
  • yesIcon check Extensive, to complete everything one must put quite a few hours towards this mod,
  • noIcon cross Some quests are unclear, and difficult to progress in,
  • noIcon cross The enemies are difficult to defeat and on some occasions border on insane, rather than challenging,
  • noIcon cross The portrayals of factions were a bit off, some seemed to act totally different that how they should've, and I didn't really like that as it made me quite confused at some points,
Overall, I'd very much recommend this mod to anyone seeking a extensive PC mod, because this one fits that bill especially and is worthy of the title of a DLC expansion. It has it's negatives of course but I think that the positives far outweight those negatives. It is enjoyable, and overall a brilliant addition to anyone's Fallout: New Vegas experience.

Screenshot gallery


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Do you have an idea for a mod that you would like to see reviewed? Feel free to place it in a comment on this blog or send me a message directly at my talk page!

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Featured Article Page #7

Sentry bot

Interested in all of those hidden gems that make the Fallout universe so damn unique? Well, you're in the right place! This edition's featured article page is over the sentry bot toy, which was a cut-item in Fallout: New Vegas that the player could remotely control. It would do everything from follow player around to even taking potshots at enemies! But be careful around enemies with this toy, lest you find yourself with a broken pile of scrap metal.

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The Great Battles of Skyrim - Part 6

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