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Welcome Fallout lovers to the one and only Strategic Nuclear Moose! The Nukapedian cantina that doesn't discriminate, whether you be ghoul, super mutant, or our deities, the brahmin overlords! So huddle around, grab a slightly radioactive beer, and tell of your wasteland tales!
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  • New editions of the Moose will now be released weekly

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Huddle around the campfire
Are you the type of wastelander that's been living under a rock in fear of being eaten alive by radroaches and molerats? Looking for a place to catch up on what's going on in the wasteland around you? Or maybe you're just looking for a little company that actually has skin and functional bowels? If so, grab a chair or wench and join us around the campfire! Just be warned, you never know what you might find and hear in this bootlegging sanctuary of ours.
Bartender model
Leon the Bartender
TALK - What's the gossip around Nukapedia?

Looks like Nukapedia is getting ready to vote in its newest ombudsman. Why not head on over ]to city hall and vote for your favourite candidate?

Nuclear winter is coming up soon, and with it comes a slight distraction from the harsh wastes all around us. So come and visit us all at Nukapedia and share in the festivities! Complimentary slop and irradiated water for all those who come.

Seems Nukapedia has been expanding quite a bit these days in response to the growing numbers of the NCR. Why not head on over to these new settlements to help out?

Both the Moose and Nukapedia are always looking for ways to please our clientele. Why not join the discussion and throw out some of your own ideas?

Not many folks these days you can trust to even spit clean your boots. Not many of us left around these parts, though, and some of us are re-thinking the way we deal with the naysayers.

Quite a few outlanders coming in from the west looking to settle around these parts. So how about you get off your lazy wasteland asses and help out?
SNM Gourd
TALK - Looks like the wastelands have been tough on you. What kind of stories you got from out there?

A few of the boys from the bar managed to break into one of them ol' pre-War Vaults out in near the city ruins. Found some fancy VR tech used by the government for military training.

Not many good bounties around this section of wastes, these days. Heard some rumours though of a caravan looking for more members to head out to place only known as the Forsaken Fortress.

Got an old black marketeer by the name of Smiling Jack coming through this area soon. Perfect chance to get your hands on an early Christmas gift to yourself, if you know what I mean.

Been diagnosed with the wild wasteland blues? You might not be the only one.

Jack Strauss
TALK - That's a mighty fancy journal you're carrying around, stranger. There a reason you keeping it out in the open, or are you just asking to be jumped the moment you leave this here bar?
This journal's mysteries give me purpose, and has now led me to this back-waste cantina. Maybe you can help me find what I'm looking for? Would be a better solution, else I find myself dealing with you the same way I dealt with your friends outside.
Legate Lanius
TALK - What is the Legate doing at the Moose?

As future conquerer of these lands, I have traveled throughout the Mojave wasteland spreading the truths of my past, and heralding the return of the Legion into these lands.

We are growing larger and larger every day, but we still lack the true army needed to integrate New Vegas and the Mojave into the war machine of the Legion. Tribes from all around our coming to us in respect, and hoping they can prove themselves able enough to join our vision. Any ambassador may come to my camp in hopes of winning my favour.

Fund Fallout Lanius on IndieGoGo!

Fund Fallout Lanius on IndieGoGo!

Fallout Lanius - Promo Teaser

Fallout Lanius - Promo Teaser

Ron the Narrator
Kas the Narrator
TALK - We've all heard tales of your exploits. Care to share your experiences?

As a Legion deserter, I've been on the run for longer than I can even remember. My travels to escape from the wrath of Caesar has led me through many strange lands, and I have witnessed both soul-crushing horrors and unnatural spectacles. Take a seat and I'll begin my tales at the myth known as the Sierra Madre.
TALK - Welcome, Stranger. What's your story?

I bring news of a dark shadow covering the lands to the southwest. A land destroyed by the Great Tidal Wave, and raider bands roaming through the once magnificent city of L.A.
Wasteland 2 - первый взгляд на игру

Wasteland 2 - первый взгляд на игру

Think you have what it takes to meet this challenge head-on? I suggest testing your bravado against my test course, first.

Profilepic-edit3437860FO02 NPC Sulik G

The Skuz Pitt
X-42 giant robo-scorpion
Who would win?

The poll was created at 06:24 on December 13, 2012, and so far 70 people voted.
Previous Winner:

Evil Gnome Gnome and hand

The Think Tank

Are you the yella-bellied boot licking egg-head type of fellow that has his fancy tickled by a good debate? Look no further!

  • Previous Poll Winners:
  • Who was your favourite power player in the Mojave wasteland? - The King
  • Which was your favourite robot? - Liberty Prime
  • Which setting would you prefer for Fallout 4? - New York City
  • Which enemy would you like the most to make a cameo appearance in Fallout 4? - Intelligent deathclaw
  • Poll #1 -
    Which wasteland caravan do you like the best?

    The poll was created at 06:19 on December 13, 2012, and so far 87 people voted.
  • Poll #9 -
    Which was your favourite canine pet?

    The poll was created at 06:19 on December 13, 2012, and so far 84 people voted.
  • Poll #10 -
    Which wasteland pest did you find the most annoying?

    The poll was created at 06:19 on December 13, 2012, and so far 80 people voted.
  • Poll #11 -
    Which of the Little Lamplights do you hate the most?

    The poll was created at 06:19 on December 13, 2012, and so far 76 people voted.


Looking for a little entertainment? Then check out the bounty board!

Spoon by Morriperkele

Zee Captain by alexiuss

Me and my shovel by Ashwings

I See Through My Hand by Lord Psymon

Already infected by valentinakallias


Mr Pinch

Vault 34 Overseer

Post Nuke Comic Aries by Dre Artwork

The Karaoke Corner

Pressures of the wasteland getting to you? Just lost your wife due to derelict medical machinery? (Too soon?) Hop on over to the the Karaoke corner then, grab a mic, put on a tune, and sing us the blues!

Lets Visit Nuke-a-pee-de-a

Fallout's Encyclopedia
So just sit back and hit chat
Someone stole our welcome mat
We're Nuke-a-pee-de-a

Come join the Mods and Admins
And our captive Bureaucrats
Just for fun we run around the wasteland with a gun
They lock us up in Junktown, when a stealing we are caught
But we break loose...
And then vamoose...
A highwayman we've got!

We're Nuke-a-pee-de-a
Clyde is T, and ponies rule(?)
Although the trolls may vandal heaps
Our Jspoel he never sleeps
We're Nuke-a-Pee-de-a

Scar and Gothic Neko
Fight to win the Universe
Carman is so laggy
(Nicky wacked him where it hurts)
RamboRob is leaving
But soon he will be back
Leon's here
The anon's fear
the ban length for their curse

We're Nuke-a-pee-de-a
Wikia banned our founding man
We're are cynics to the max
but Vegas stopped us in tracks
We're Nuke-a-pee-de
Totally Unseemly
(don't get feely)

Spend the night

Lost track of the time and now there's cazadores prowling outside? Pull out your sleeping bag and enjoy the entertainment!

Fallout Skyline - Apprentice
  • Bar fights just not enough to satisfy your bloodlust? Why not visit The Hole? Just climb down into the sewer under the Moose, and you can bet on your favourite contenders, or you can even become a pit dog yourself.

Watch some television
Loudspeaker stretched
Oblivion (2013) Tom Cruise Official Trailer 1080p HD

Oblivion (2013) Tom Cruise Official Trailer 1080p HD

Loudspeaker stretched
Fallout 3 - Born of Steel, EPISODE 2

Fallout 3 - Born of Steel, EPISODE 2. Part 1 of 3 Fallout 3 Machinima

Packing it up

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