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Snufflers are creatures found in the Capital Wasteland in 2277.


A unique form of mole rat that has been mutated even further by drinking the heavily irradiated water around Rivet City. Their name is derived by their distinct snuffling and wheezing as they limp from destination to destination.



Mutations have caused additional limbs and eyes to grow, along with a thick carapace. While larger and tougher than the normal mole rat, snufflers are very slow moving, and are largely passive unless actively provoked.

Gameplay attributes

For defense, instead of relying on attacks of a physical nature, the snufflers rely on a highly corrosive projectile vomit that causes severe damage upon impact. This corrosive attack bypasses DR, and wears down armor and clothing startlingly quick.

They are never encountered outside of the Mar'Jhan warrens.


While passive creatures, the snuffler have a symbiotic relationship with the macabre centaur, and will become hostile should the Lone Wanderer attack them.