A few months back, two huge opportunities were thrown into my lap, and I've been trying to adjust my life to accommodate for these changes in return. These opportunities are now coming to fruition, and there are further changes I need to make in my life before my goals are met. One of these changes will be the dropping of most of my hobbies, and that includes Nukapedia. I knew then that my time here was growing short, and so I'm sorry to my friends and peers for the recent influx in forums and changes I've instigated, as I've been trying to squeeze everything in before I have to leave.

Unfortunately, I started a bit too late, and there are still a few matters I never got around to finishing. Originally, I wasn't going to write this blog, but I do feel that there could be a lot of benefit from the discussions and ideas I'm about to elaborate on, and my hope is that others will pick them up after I leave and see them through properly.

  1. A while back, I began a project to create a style-switcher, which would allow editors to switch from our default light-theme with varied colour palettes. Unfortunately, there were a few options that never got around to being fleshed out, and so the project has been scrapped for now. This feature is nearly complete, and should anyone wish to pick it up, you may find additional information here.
  2. I started a forum over introducing the Forum Extention, but held it off as I awaited an answer from Wikia Staff over creating a new Special Rights group dubbed 'Forum Moderators'. You may find the discussion here. My request is that this forum is further discussed, and that the community votes on whether or not we should have Forum Moderators here. For clarification, Forum Moderators would have Patrol rights, could delete pages (but only fora/blog comment pages), and would the right to clean up the forums (check for spelling, accuracy, etc.).
  3. For the past year and a half, the stub removal project has been a labor of love. I have worked diligently to keep the numbers always low, but one particular set of stubs never got around to being accounted for. I'm not necessary asking that someone systematically go through and finish the real-world stubs (although that would be great), but I would like for someone to take up the mantel of project leader so that the project doesn't officially die.
  4. Featured forums/blogs - While Nukapedia's article-space is of a high-quality, our help pages, are not. A forum I was going to put up was going to be the discussion of taking the most helpful forums and blogs regarding subjects such as bug fixes, and featuring them on our main-page (after making sure they're cleaned up and presentable).
  5. For a long time now, I've been meaning to start discussion again over the inclusion of every bit of fixed loot in the Fallout games here at Nukapedia. Now that we've been receiving an influx of G.E.C.K. users, I feel that this project is a bit more possible than not, and it's something I really believe in since we strive to be an encyclopedia if absolute knowledge.
  6. This isn't even one of my personal projects, but I'm going to do a shameless shout-out: For God's sake, give this forum a read. All of the rights forums have been focused on, and I have to say I'm a bit ashamed to see our wiki largely ignoring such an important forum regarding serious changes in how this wiki might operate in the near future.

So what's the deal? The deal is that this is my official resignation. As I'm finishing up some recent changes today which will require my Administrator tools, I will be holding onto my rights for the rest of today. But as of tomorrow, I will no longer be an Administrator on Nukapedia, and I will no longer be an active editor for the foreseeable future. If you want to find me, unfortunately, I will also be closing down most of my other accounts on the Internet. But if you really want to find me, there will still be a few options:

  1. If you have me as a friend on Steam, I will still be on there periodically. I will no longer be on XBL or the PSN, however.
  2. My personal website will still be active. Whether it's renewed at the end of the year, has still not been decided.
  3. You may try E-Mailing me. My casual E-Mail is: - I usually check this E-Mail once every week or two.

As of tomorrow, I will see Nukapedia and all of the friends and peers I've made here sometime further down the road. In a year or two, I'll definitely do what I can to return. I wish both the wiki and everyone within it the best until then. ForGaroux Some Assembly Required! 19:37, January 26, 2014 (UTC)