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To save or to exploit technology?

Replicant Mambo is a side quest in Fallout 3. This quest begins after listening to at least one of the Replicated Man holotapes and then inquiring about its existence to Ba'al.

Quick walkthrough

  1. Investigate for clues to the existence of both androids.
  2. Discover the secret of Harkness by finding the Replicated Man holotapes and confronting Horace Pinkerton with the knowledge.
    1. Using the override code on Harkness and telling it to head to the Maledictum with a Science skill of 65. (Stealthy solution)
    2. Knocking Harkness unconscious and hauling it to the Maledictum with a Strength of 6. (Non-stealthy solution)
  3. Discover the secret of Armitage by exhausting dialogue with Dr. Zimmer
    1. Convincing Zimmer and Armitage to partake in a business transaction within the Maledictum with a Speech skill of 65. (Stealthy solution)
    2. Killing Zimmer and knocking Armitage unconscous, hauling it to the Maledictum with a Strength of 6. (Non-stealthy solution)
  4. Completing the quest Replicated Man. (Fails Replicant Mambo and yields no rewards)

Detailed walkthrough

Starting the quest

After find at least one of the Replicated Man holotapes, a new dialogue tree opens up with Ba'al that allows the Lone Wanderer to inquire about the existence of androids. Ba'al will then request for you track down which two citizens of Rivet City are androids and to bring them back to the Maledictum inconspicuously.

Finding clues for Harkness

Talking to Dr. Zimmer, he will suggest searching the offices of "doctors and techies", and adds the optional objective of talking to Dr. Preston in Rivet City. Preston hands the player one of the android's recordings and tells them that similar tapes were sent to almost every scientist in the Wastelands.

After talking to enough people, it is learned that Horace Pinkerton in the broken bow near Rivet City "reconstructed" the android, making him the only one who knows the android's current appearance and whereabouts. When the Lone Wanderer speaks with Pinkerton, he will reveal that the android's name is Harkness and that he personally performed the facial reconstructive surgery and memory wipe. He will also reveal that Harkness's mind was not actually wiped, but rather his old identity has been buried deep and that it can be reactivated by means of a certain code word. Harkness is now employed as the security chief in Rivet City, and was actually the person who greeted the player upon arrival in Rivet City. Pinkerton also gives the password to his terminal downstairs for further information.

Capturing Harkness

Stealthy solution - Instead of facing Harkness head-on, the Lone Wanderer may use the override code either learned from Pinkerton or Zimmer to reset Harkness. With a Science skill of 65, the Lone Wanderer can program it to head to the Maledictum to await further orders.

Non-stealthy solution - Choosing to fight Harkness will cause for the majority of Rivet City to join in on its side. After being knocked unconscious, a Strength of 6 will allow the Lone Wanderer to carry Harkness back into the Maledictum.

Finding clues for Armitage

Asking around Rivet City will eventually lead the Lone Wanderer to a Dr. Zimmer. Merely exhausting his dialogue will reveal that his own personal bodyguard is an older model android.

Capturing Armitage

Stealthy solution - After learning of Armitage's true identity, Dr. Zimmer can be convinced with a Speech of 65 to arrange a business transaction with a representative from the Maledictum. Thinking that they are going in to browse technology, Sabaoth will execute Zimmer personally and render Armitage unconscious.

Non-stealthy solution - While not as tricky as fighting Harkness and the rest of Rivet City head on, initiating combat with Armitage will result in Dr. Zimmer joining in on the fight, as well. After dealing with Zimmer and rendering Armitage unconscious, the Lone Wanderer may carry Armitage back to the Maledictum with a Strength of 6.


  • Capturing Harkness rewards A3-21's plasma rifle and 250 caps.
  • Capturing Armitage rewards 250 caps.
  • Capturing both inconspicuously will reward an additional 300 caps and the cybernetic eye perk.