Disclaimer: In this blog, I make reference to, with the inclusion of a link, a scam app that is available for download. Please be warned that the reviews make mention of an alleged virus, and that my recommendation is to stay away from the download to avoid any possible risks involved. This is not to mention the negative impact of giving the scam app yet another download score. Thank you for reading.

I am not back. That does not mean that my eyes are closed, however, and so I would like to re-address a prominent issue that I had touched up upon in the past. Scam apps are becoming a larger issue as wikis become more and more popular. This is seen in numerous cases where information is directly lifted from a wiki, and is re-released as original content, without any sort of clear sourcing/credit given. Sometimes, these guides/walkthroughs/narratives are sold for a profit - other times, the apps are free. Whatever the case, it all boils down to blatant plagiarism, which has been proven to effectively bypass the shoddy screening process utilized by companies such as Apple, Samsung, and other large giants of mobile platforms.


To partially catch up on this issue, my prior blog is still available.

The reason why this topic is being brought up again, is because I have, once again, become aware of such a scam app, which is dubbed the 'Wasteland Survival Guide'. I am not entirely sure as to whether or not the information was lifted from Nukapedia or The Vault - but that does not matter, as the information was clearly lifted from either one of us, or possibly from both of us. Obviously, there is not much that we can do at this point. The mobile giants have to weigh the benefits of removing apps, or leaving them alone - a few dissenting people with small voices will make it clear in their minds that, legally, it would be less stress just to leave the app alone.

So what should be done? Hit the giants where it hurts - their reputation. Make Wikia/Curse aware. Make Bethesda/Zenimax/Obsidian aware. Write to prominent gaming websites, and see if they are willing to boost the signal. Take to social media, and make sure that whomever is hosting the app(s), are fully aware of the controversy involved. Ultimately, one app means very little in the grand scheme of things. But as wikis are regularly being exploited with their growing popularity amongst gamers, and with wiki volunteer workers given little to no credit, there gets to be a point where a stand needs to be made, so that the giants may be exposed, and are forced to take accountability for their complacency and bureaucracy. It is certainly time to shine a spotlight onto the vultures that see wikis as easy targets to feed off of.

It is up to you, the editor, the reader, to make a difference. 寧靜Fox