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New Marden is the underground city of Urchin and the Beastlords in 2277.


Escaping from the midwest, the Beastlords eventually found themselves in the Capital Wasteland, where, beaten down and vulnerable, but attracted to the area due to the mutated animals found locally, took to the metros in an attempt to survive and thrive. After discovering Old Olney and the deathclaws that nested there, the Beastlords took control of their minds and quickly rose to power with their fearsome new guardians. But with their new-found power came the consequence of attracting attention from the newly-arrived Brotherhood of Steel, and were defeated at their hands and were once again driven underground.

It was later after hearing a GNR report of Argyle and Herbert Dashwood's latest exploits that the Beastlords got their chance at a new and proper home. Excavating and taking over the collapsed city of Rockopolis, now named New Mardin in homage to their lost home of Mardin, the Beastlords once again began growing in power, with a now distracted BoS no longer there to stunt their growth.


Directly west from Smith Casey's garage, New Mardin can easily be found by locating the lights left up by the previous inhabitants of Rockopolis. While the initial entrance here is still blocked off by rubble, a second hidden entrance can be found leading into the city by circling around and locating a partially covered ladder leading down. This entrance is easily found, as windows looking down into the city have been cut into the rock nearby.

Notable loot

  • At the initial entrance is the Rollings -- We're done holotape found on a desk near the ladder, and the Bobblehead - Unarmed located next to Argyle's body, a reference to his use of martial arts during his adventures with Herbert "Daring" Dashwood.
  • Found on Urchin is a unique set of Beast Lord power armor, as well as a unique hammer called the laser Kanabo.


New Mardin is a small underground settlement with many areas still caved in and inaccessible. When first entering, the main chamber will be seen - a large room comprised of resources scavenged from Rivet City and windows cut into the rock above to provide most of their light. This area holds the majority of houses, as well as the jail and a reconstructed restaurant.

Connected to three tunnels, the first tunnels will lead to an arena, where the Beastlords prove themselves through combat. Should an outsider wish to speak with Urchin or the Emperor, they will need to fight here first to prove their worthiness.

Down the second tunnel leads to a fortified temple, where the Emperor and his servants can be found.

The third tunnel is for mining purposes, and acts as home to a myriad of savage and unstable tribals exiled from New Mardin. Here, King Crag and the few other survivors of the Rockopolis incident can be found hiding away, looking for their chance to strike back at Urchin and the Beastlords.

Related quests

Total Warfare Mambo - New Mardin must be destroyed, as well as their leadership, as ordered by Commandant Aix due to the Beastlords hit and run tactics against Talon Company mercenaries fulfilling contracts out in the Capital Wasteland. Alternatively, the Beastlords can be convinced to attack Talon Company should one with a silver tongue manage to survive their meeting with the big chief himself.


  • With only one entrance into New Mardin, any outsiders will be caught immediately. This can be dangerous, as intruders will be forced to fight through the arena before being able to leave.
  • Disputes are settled personally within New Mardin. Should a Beastlord be insulted or challenged, a fight to the death can happen, with no further hostilities afterwards towards the instigator.
    • This can only be done a limited amount of times, and only against generic (re-spawning) Beastlord members, with the sole exception being that of Chief Urchin.
  • Should King Crag be teamed up with, and his plan to collapse the caves again be successful, one will not be able to visit New Mardin any more.


New Mardin appears only in Fallout 3.