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Needletooth floaters are creatures found in the Capital Wasteland in 2277.


Floaters first came into existence after being experimented upon before the Great War with FEV. They were further augmented by the Master, making them larger, highly hostile, and with the new ability to hover.

Due to further experimentation by the Capital Wasteland Enclave, many different varieties of floaters were created to defend the Jefferson memorial, with the needletooth floaters being amongst them.



The largest of the floaters found within the Capital Wasteland, the needletooth floater is also considered the most dangerous variant. Like spiders, they are able to crawl up most surfaces, and have needles growing along their spines that they are able to shoot out at their prey. When lying dormant, the needletooth floater forms smaller manowar tendril floasters which after spawned will either attach themselves to the needletooth floaters bodies as a secondary form of protection, or will attach themselves to nearby walls to attack any intruders.

Gameplay attributes

When their prey has been spotted, the needletooth floater will attack by shooting out needles that grow along its spine. At closer distances, they will rely on manowar tendril floaters attached to their backs to lash out at their prey instead.

They are never encountered outside of the Mar'Jhan warrens.


  • when close to manowar tendril floaters, they will attach themselves onto the needletooth floaters for additional defense. The total number that can attach is 5 at any given time.
  • When lying dormant, they will periodically spew forth more manowar tendril floaters. These will not attach to near-by surfaces, however, and will die shortly after if left alone.