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Don't think it's going to be a cake-walk clearing out those abominations. They have a tendency to breed faster than you can kill them.

— Sabaoth

The Mar'Jhan warrens are a series of corridors and storage areas housed within Rivet City. After a recent invasion by super mutants in an attempt to sneak back into the city, they inadvertently caused the release of many specimens being experimented upon in a lab housed in the warrens, resulting in the elimination of the super mutants along with the abominations becoming deeply nested within the area.


Originally a section of the ship used to house the workers and to store larger shipments, brought down using a pulley-system. After its wrecking sometime during or after the Great War, the warrens became heavily damaged and largely inaccessible to the other sections of the ship, with its primary entrance being to grapple down from above through an retractable opening.


Most of the warrens are made up of corridors linked to rooms used to house workers before the Great War. Each room is medium-sized, and hold host to many forms of abominations. Due to the close quarters found within these corridors, it is not uncommon to see different specifies of abominations fighting amongst themselves.

Aside from the living quarters, the warrens also comprise of multiple storage tanks, which hold host to larger abominations, along with submerged sections created by excessive damage over the past 200 years. These submerged sections are crucial in accessing other sections of the warrens.

Related quests

  • Into the Warrens - After attracting the attention of Commander Jarreth, the de facto leader of Talon Company and the left-hand of Ba'al, the Lone Wanderer will find themselves being knocked out and brought forth to Sabaoth, Ba'al's right-hand man, being presented the choice to either talk their way out of a life-threatening situation, or under-taking a small favor to prove their worth.
  • Just Business - The Lone Wanderer will be forced to escape through the warrens, and will be ambushed by a Geosgaeno.


  • During the quest Into the Warrens, it is possible to render many sections of the warrens permanently inaccessible.
  • Geosgaeno leave behind permanent corpses after their deaths. Keep this is mind, as they may block off rooms or entire corridors.


The Mar'Jhan warrens only appear in Fallout 3.