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Manowar tendril floaters are creatures found in the Capital Wasteland in 2277.


Floaters first came into existence after being experimented upon before the Great War with FEV. They were further augmented by the Master, making them larger, highly hostile, and with the new ability to hover.

Due to further experimentation by the Capital Wasteland Enclave, many different varieties of floaters were created to defend the Jefferson memorial, with the manowar tendril floaters being amongst them.



Slightly larger than their cousins the lamprey floaters, the manowar tendril floaters are a by-product of the needletooth floater, which spews them out constantly. After being released, the manowar tendril floaters will latch themselves onto a near-by surface, where they will act as a line of first-defense against any intruders upon their territory by whipping at them with their scythe-like tendrils. Should intruders get too close, they can also take advantage of an retractable opening in their bodies that can spew forth a toxic gas.

Gameplay attributes

While weak and immobile, the manowar tendril floater can be hard to see in dark corridors, and takes advantage of this by waiting in ambush around corners to lash out at intruders with their tendrils. Getting too close to them also gives them the chance to temporarily blind the Lone Wanderer with a noxious gas.

They are never encountered outside of the Mar'Jhan warrens.


  • The manowar tendril floater is entirely immobile, and will just slump over on the surface they are attached to when killed. This is even true when killed with explosives.
  • Using energy weapons and explosives will cause for the gas to erupt within them, killing them instantly with direct shots to their opening.