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For similar creatures in Fallout 3, see Centaur.

Macabre centaurs are creatures found in the Capital Wasteland in 2277.


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Centaurs encountered in New California and Mojave Wasteland were created by the Master. The creation process involved tossing a varied mix of humans, dogs, cats and other types of animals into a Forced Evolutionary Virus (FEV) vat to be infected by the virus, and then seeing what mutant chimera emerged as the virus produced rapid and unpredictable mutations. The resulting centaurs can differ quite radically in physical appearance from one another. However, all known centaurs are somewhat humanoid in appearance.



Unlike the centaur standardly found within the Capital Wasteland, this type of centaur has split into two human-like heads and torsos. They are usually seen with 3 long, tentacle-like tongues that can be used to lash out at their victims. This variant of centaur also has a ranged attack: a high-arcing, slow-moving saliva projectile that carries lethal doses of radiation. Strangely, it is also capable of igniting lingering gas vapors as well.

Gameplay attributes

Individual macabre centaurs don't really pose much of a threat, but as a rule of thumb, centaurs never travel alone and take advantage of swarm tactics to overtake their prey. Macabre centaurs are hostile to everything except for their own kind and Super mutants, and when encountered, will "spit" slow-moving projectiles at their victims in high arcs. These attacks don't deal much damage, but they do hold a dramatic level of lethal radiation. As the projectiles are slow-moving, however, they can easily be dodged.

In close combat, macabre centaurs do low to moderate damage, but strike very slowly using their tongues in close combat. They can easily be avoided though, as they are very slow moving.

They are never encountered outside of the Mar'Jhan warrens.


  • Macabre centaurs are unique in that even if one of their torsos or heads are blown off, they still have a possibility to survive.
  • Macabre centaurs are hostile against all other forms of abominations, as well, except for with the snuffler.


  • Centaur tongue lash