50 Vault-Tec C.E.O.
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It is time. Will you join us in our unholy reign? Or will you play the ever opportunist, striking me down when you think I am at my most vulnerable?

— Ba'al

Just Business is a quest in Fallout 3.

Quick walkthrough

  1. Talk to Ba'al.
  2. Begin preparations with Sabaoth and Commander Jarreth.
  3. Assassinate the council members, with the exception of Dr. Li, along with the Brotherhood of Steel leading paladin.
  4. Defend the Maledictum against the on-coming onslaught.
  5. Speak to Ba'al again for a reward and the option to recruit Sabaoth as a permanent companion.
  1. Attack Ba'al, which will result in him disappearing along with Sabaoth and running into the barracks while Commander Jarreth and his Talon Company stall the Lone Wanderer. This will also trigger the nearby and hidden Rivet City guard and Brotherhood of Steel to begin pouring in and helping with the attack.
  2. Follow Ba'al into the barracks and defeat Sabaoth.
  3. Begin the final confrontation with Ba'al.
  4. Raid the vaults and escape before the Maledictum collapses upon itself.
  5. Defeat the second Geosgaeno.

Detailed walkthrough

With Ba'al

Talking to Ba'al will reveal that the Rivet City council has finally decided to raid the Maledictum with the help of the Brotherhood of Steel after they were able to link the disappearance of Harkness to the Maledictum. The Lone Wanderer will then be directed to help both Commander Jarreth and Sabaoth with preparations for the soon to come battle.

Sabaoth has plans to gather further resources by raiding the heavily-armed armory. After by-passing or destroying Private Jones, the Lone Wanderer will find themselves amidst an ambush, in which a large group of Rivet City guards will become hostile.

Commander Jarreth will require the Lone Wanderer to make haste to Fort Bannister to gather reinforcements from either Commander Jabsco, or from an unnamed Talon Company commander should Jabsco have already been killed. Upon arrival, the Lone Wanderer will find that the fort is under siege by the Brotherhood of Steel. After dealing with them, the reinforcements will begin preparations and the Lone Wanderer will be sent back to the Maledictum.

After returning, Ba'al will express his wishes to disrupt the enemy's morale and tactics while they were still unaware that that Ba'al knew of their plans, by assassinating their leadership before the attack can begin. In any method seen fit, the Lone Wanderer will be required to kill Bannon, Lana Danvers and the paladin in charge of the Brotherhood of Steel.

After assassinating the last target, an alarm will sound and the remaining forces being lead by the Brotherhood of Steel will be seen blowing the hatch and storming the Maledictum. Should Ba'al survive the onslaught, the Lone Wanderer will be rewarded vastly along with a contract allowing for Sabaoth to be taken on as a permanent companion at any time.

With Rivet City and the Brotherhood of Steel

The Lone Wanderer may begin this alternative of the quest in the following of two ways:

  • The Lone Wanderer may either attack Ba'al directly, or make him hostile through dialogue.
  • Talking to Lana Danvers and warning her of Ba'al's conspiracy will allow for the Lone Wanderer to join in as the assault teams begin a preemptive attack.

As the Maledictum is first entered, Talon Company will be seen pouring through the corridors attempting to stall the assault teams as the Mar'Jhan Marauders are preparing themselves. As the store itself is entered, Ba'al will be seen disappearing with Sabaoth into the barracks, with Commander Jarreth remaining behind to deal with the Lone Wanderer personally.

After Jarreth and his men have been defeated, Sabaoth will be encountered in the barracks leading his Mar'Jhan Marauders against the invaders. Defeating Sabaoth will result in him activating a detonation device, crippling the wardrooms infrastructure and causing the Maledictum to collapse upon itself.

As the assault teams are retreating back into the Rivet City marketplace, the Lone Wanderer will eventually find themselves confronting Ba'al within the vaults, where he is protected by two prototype laser turrets. When defeated, Ba'al will collapse into a pile of clothes and dust, allowing for the key for his personal vault to be looted.

A limited time is given once this battle has commenced, allowing the Lone Wanderer enough time to loot the vaults before escaping through the Mar'Jhan warrens, being confronted by a final mini-boss; a second Geosgaeno. Once defeated, the Lone Wanderer will escape through the breach under Rivet City just in time to escape the collapsing corridors.


Choosing to destroy the Maledictum will result in all of the wardrooms except for the suites to become inaccessible. This will also unlock unique dialogue with all of the surviving Rivet City inhabitants.