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You really believe you can help me, don't you? Despite everything that has happened, I find myself believing in you. Just don't break your promise to me... okay?

— Isolde Valen

Isolde Valen is a refugee being held within the Hall of Columns in 2277.


The daughter of a Talon Company mercenary, Isolde lived a life of moderate luxury and innocence, being hidden away from the rest of the problems plaguing the wasteland around her. Isolde developed Hemophilia later in her life, which had led to her father Gerrard being over-protective of her well-being, and tried to be the best father he could be since her mother died years before.

Eventually, Isolde caught the eye of the leader of the Talon Company, Commandant Aix, and he began keeping tabs on her and her father. Aix, while planning a contract that would lead to Gerrard's death so he could take Isolde for himself, immediately became aware of Gerrard's plan to escape from the Capital Wasteland. Isolde was kidnapped by Talon Company mercs, and an assassination squad was sent in to deal with her father.

Now, Isolde spends her days being held at a laboratory within the Halls of Columns in the Capitol building. Should she be rescued from her prison, she will express that she yearns for freedom, and for the chance to finally learn of the world around her. And while she might be in a delicate state due to her condition, her medicine and repair skills learned from years of confinement will be of great aid.

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

General Services Quests
Essential: yesIcon check
  • Always
Enslavable: noIcon cross
Companion: yesIcon check
  • Permanent
  • Temporary
Bounty: yesIcon check
Merchant: noIcon cross
Repairman: noIcon cross
Doctor: yesIcon check
Rents bed/room: noIcon cross
Starts quests: yesIcon check
Total Warfare Mambo
Stand By Me
Hell's Descent
Involved in quests: yesIcon check
Crow Call
Total Warfare Mambo
Stand By Me
Hell's Descent


  • Crow Call - Isolde needs to be rescued from the laboratory within the Hall of Columns.
  • Total Warfare Mambo - Isolde will tell the Lone Wanderer how to infiltrate the Talon Company, and will meet up with them later after discovering how to take them down.
  • Hell's Descent - Isolde will lead the Lone Wanderer to a supply depot where a cure for her condition might be located at.

Personal quest

Stand By Me - After meeting back up with Isolde at the Ranger compound, she will express a few desires she wishes to experience before heading to the supply depot. Depending the Lone Wanderer's actions throughout this quest determines Isolde's ultimate fate at the end of the Verisimilitude add-on.

  • Affection
  1. Finding and giving Isolde the Soil Stradivarius - +1 affection. Afterwards, Isolde may play the violin while sitting around a campfire. Additional Sheet music books will help Isolde learn different songs to play.
  2. At Lady Frumperton's Fashions, a dress can be found for Isolde - +1 affection. When told to wait in an area, Isolde will switch to the dress and interact with nearby objects.
  3. If Misha the corgi is found, she can be offered to Isolde as a pet, and will become her loyal companion - +2 affection. With Misha by Isolde's side, new options become available through dialogue to send Misha out with various commands.
  4. Travel to at least 30 locations together - +1 affection. Unlocks new dialogue while at a campfire.
  5. Handing over her father's locket - +1 affection. Unlocks new dialogue while at a campfire.
  6. Visiting both her father's and her mother's grave sites - +2 affection. Unlocks new dialogue at a campfire.
  7. Pay for medical training through Dr. Preston - +1 affection. Upgrades Isolde's medical skills, and allows the healing of crippled limbs.
  8. Take her to Megaton, inside the Jefferson Memorial, Arlington Library, GNR Studios, Museum of History, Museum of Technology, White House, and to the top of the Washington Monument - +3 affection. Unlocks the Guardian Angel perk.
  • Disaffection
  1. Knocking her unconscious - -2 affection. Doing so three times will result in Isolde leaving permanently.
  2. Allowing Misha to die - -1 affection. Unlocks new dialogue at a campfire. Loss of Misha's commands.
  3. Selling her father's locket - -1 affection. Unlocks new dialogue at a campfire.
  4. Digging up her parent's graves - -3 affection for each. Unlocks new dialogue at a campfire. Permanently removes the option of receiving the Guardian Angel perk. If both graves are dug up, Isolde will leave permanently.
  5. Selling Isolde to Paradise Falls slavers - loss of all affection points. 1200 caps will be made, with an additional 300 caps by utilizing a Speech skill of 50. While Isolde will appear in the slave pens, she can no longer be talked to.

Other interactions

  • As long as Isolde is a companion, she will give the Lone Wanderer the Guardian Angel perk. (Needs to be unlocked first)
  • Isolde Valen has a unique script only shared with Gerrard Valen. At night time, should the party be outside, Isolde Valen will offer to set up a campsite. Sitting at the campsite, the option to sleep and the option to talk will be presented. Should the sleep option be taken, the party will awaken again at 7 a.m. Should it be chosen to talk, Isolde will discuss the day, such as if the party was ambushed by raiders, or attacked by a deathclaw, etc.
  • Isolde has the ability to heal, cure addictions, and even fix crippled limbs, so long as the appropriate items are in her inventory. With a Medicine skill at 100, Isolde is very effective.
    • Isolde also has the ability to repair any weapons and armor, so long as she is supplied with scrap metal and other parts such as wonderglue.


  • Even with her condition, Isolde is still handy with Small Guns, and can handle herself in a firefight. However, due to her low health, she shouldn't be left to deal with enemies by herself. With Misha as a loyal companion, Isolde's combat capabilities are improved further.
  • While Isolde is set as an essential character, causing enough damage to knock her unconscious will result in a loss of affection points for the Lone Wanderer.
  • Should her father's grave be visited at any time, a unique dialogue option will become available with Isolde.
  • Should Misha be given to Isolde, new options open up through Isolde, such as commanding Misha to search for items or to provide a distraction during combat.


Isolde Valen appears only in Fallout 3.