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Our experiments have gotten unstable and have taken over the warrens. So I'm going to be the control, and you're going to be the damage in this little situation.

— Sabaoth

Into the Warrens is a quest in Fallout 3.

Quick walkthrough

  1. Either investigate the locked hatch found within the Rivet City marketplace, or find the breach underneath Rivet City and fight through until reaching the entrance into the Maledictum.
  2. Depending on the method used, either Commander Jarreth and his Talon Company will confront the Lone Wanderer in the marketplace, or Sabaoth will greet them personally at the Maledictum's entrance.
  3. Sabaoth will present an ultimatum: either help him clear the warrens of abominations, or be executed immediately.
    1. Clear the warrens by either physically killing every abomination, or by sealing off the secondary sections for the warrens and introducing a specialized formula into the ventilation system.
    2. With a Speech skill of 90, this quest can be by-passed entirely for an experience gain of 1000.
  4. Deal with the Mar'Jhan assassins
  5. Talk to Sabaoth again to gain access into the Maledictum.

Detailed walkthrough

There are two ways for this quest to become activated:

  • Interacting with the hatch found in the corner of the Rivet City marketplace will register that it is locked and nearly impossible to get into without heavy ordinance. When heading towards the exit to leave, Commander Jarreth and his Talon company will begin dialogue, shortly before knocking the Lone Wanderer out and taking them to Sabaoth.
  • Exploring around Rivet City and discovering a hidden breach underneath Rivet City will provide access into the Mar'Jhan warrens. Fighting through will eventually lead to main entrance into the Maledictum, where Sabaoth will introduce himself and an ultimatum.

Sabaoth will explain that many of their experiments had gotten loose after a recent super mutant raid, and that these abominations have now infested the warrens and have begun multiplying at an alarming rate. As a relative unknown caught within his grasp, Sabaoth has decided to send in the Lone Wanderer to prove their mettle and purge their filth. Utilizing a Speech skill of 90 will open the possibility of by-passing the quest entirely. Accepting the ultimatum instead will have Sabaoth handing over some combat armor, a Chinese assault rifle, 5 Stimpaks, a RadAway and 250 5.56 rounds. There are two methods available in dealing with the abominations:

  • Clearing the warrens the traditional way of just going in and shooting everything that moves. Enemies include the: Geosgaeno, catfish mirelurk, macabre centaur, lamprey floater, manowar tendril floater, needletooth floater, snuffler, and tortoiselurk.
  • Using a specialized formula that Sabaoth has provided, multiple secondary sections of the warrens can be permanently sealed using a Repair skill of 75, and then introducing the formula into the ventilation for the sealed rooms using a terminal found within the maintenance section. A Science skill of 45 along with a Repair skill of 45 is needed to get both the terminal and ventilation to work properly. This just leaves stragglers patrolling the hallways to take care of personally.

After eliminating the abominations, upon returning to the Maledictum, the Lone Wanderer will be ambushed by two covert ops members of the Mar'Jhan Marauders. Killing them and returning to Sabaoth will officially induct the Lone Wanderer into the Maledictum, allowing for additional quests to be accepted along with having access to the benefits within.


  • Certain groups of abominations will kill each other on sight, with the possibility for the Lone Wanderer to walk in on small-scale battles. The two largest of these opposing groups are the mirelurks and floaters.
  • Sealing off any sections of the warrens will render them permanently inaccessible.
  • Using the formula without sending it through the ventilation of any sealed off rooms will cause a mild distortion effect which will damage the Lone Wanderer slowly as long as they stay within the area. This effect only lasts for a few in-game days.
  • The abominations found within the warrens are entirely unique, and may not be found anywhere else within the game.
  • The hidden lab used to create the abominations can be found through exploration. With an Explosives skill of 60 and 3 frag grenades placed at critical areas, the Lone Wanderer can utterly destroy the lab for a bonus of 400 XP.