50 Vault-Tec C.E.O.
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Positive Effects

The Homicidal Tendency perk brings out the worst in your wasteland hardened soul to crush all of those whom get in your way. When taking damage, there is a .025% chance that you will enter this state of being; causing your melee attacks to become instantly fatal, along with you gaining a heightened focus, which causes your AP to regenerate faster. This effect originally only lasts for 15 seconds, with an additional 5 seconds being added with every enemy that is killed by you.

Negative Effects

  • Along with losing any chance of negotiation on your end, your perception will also become hazed, along with gaining an inability to use ranged weapons.
  • Everyone in the surrounding area will either flee or become hostile towards you once this perk activates. This includes previously friendly and unprovoked NPC's, also including your companions.
  • If you are currently equipped with a ranged weapon, you will automatically switch to your bare fists when this perk activates. (Using your bare fists will not result in a fatal first strike. However, and only for your bare fists, your unarmed attacks deal 50% more damage, and a unique death-scene will be rewarded during a finishing strike. This scene involves you charging the enemy, cupping your hands together, and brutally beating the target to death.)


  • This perk is well suited for role-playing players who are looking to further their character's personality and play style.
  • Because of the inability to use ranged weapons while this perk is active, melee and endurance requirements are high.
    • As an addition, stat boosting items such as certain chems go very well alongside this perk.
  • This perk is automatically gained if you have killed over 1000 NPC's, and you currently have a Very Evil Karma standard. This perk is removed if you reach a Neutral Karma or higher. (Only if you gain this perk by the method mentioned.)

What Problem Would this Solve?

While Fallout is one of the best role-playing games of its type out there, it's always felt to me as if it's still missing a lot. One of the aspects I wished they focused on more is having the option to customize your character's personality more. Have it where your actions in the game determine how your character(s) develop.


  • Having a ranged weapon equipped when this perk activates will cause you to drop it on the ground in front of you. This could result in the weapon glitching out and flying off randomly into any direction.