Featured Nukapedian - Sulik

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Leon & Sulik
TALK - An interview with our newest featured member.
SNM Gourd - What brings you to Nukapedia, Sulik?

Sulik-Hole - Grampy be wanting to compete in the Fallout Apprentice Contest. Says he be wanting to win a keyring to wear. Sadly me hammer accidentialy be breaking the keyboard as grampy be finnishing his first entry, so he had to be pulling out.
SNM Gourd - Tell us more about 'Grampy Bone'. And is there any advice he can give to our readers?
Sulik-Hole - Grampy be traveling the world, much like de chosen, before settling down as de tribe elder. Grampy be saying sure to be remembering the faceless, not just the faces, who helped build the temple; sometimes the faceless if treated right become the faces
SNM Gourd - We've heard stories of your involvement with the Chosen One. What can you tell us about the destruction of the Enclave?
Sulik-Hole - Heh, that was a good explosion wasn't it? Must have been a horrible place to be living, no place to hunt. Why people would be living there I not know
SNM Gourd - After dealing with the Enclave, when did you leave the Chosen One's company, and where did you decide to go from there? Did you ever find your sister?
Sulik-Hole - We and I did be finding sis, me be happy that someone be remembering cos most be forgetting about her. We and I be hoping her story being told soon as it be a story to be telling your children.
SNM Gourd - I've been noticing you hanging out around the Hole lately. What's your interest with that cess pit?
Sulik-Hole - Cess Pitt?? Cess Pitt?? We and I be spending hours cleaning that place up... Of all days to be leaving the hammer at home...
SNM Gourd - Following up on the previous question, I noticed we have a very special battle being lined up between none other than Frank Horrigan and the Master. Both of these mutants have struck fear into the hearts of many a wastelander. Who do you think will come on top?
Sulik-Hole - We and I still be hoping Ashur changes his mind and be saying Me and Grampy not be being a tag team. We be sure we could be smashing Horrigan, reminding him it be better to be staying dead.

SNM Gourd - Thank you for your time, Sulik! We'll be looking forward to seeing you again at the Hole.

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