Featured Nukapedian - Limmiegirl

Leon: Tell us a little bit about yourself
Freija: Well, my real name is Freija, after the Norse goddess of love and death :) I was born on April the 4th of 1990, and grew up in a small farm on the outskirts of Aachen, near the Belgium/Netherlands border, at least until I was enrolled in a boarding school when I was around 12. After highschool graduation I studied Nuclear Physics for two years. I really loved the course as physics had always been my favorite subject in school, but with the whole anti nuclear-energy nonsense going on in Europe I decided it was better to try another career while I still had the time. So I went instead to study Economics in Munich, where I'm currently living. I actually live in a nearby little town about 30 minutes away, but Munich is a lot more placeable than "Wolfratshausen" right?  :P My main hobbies, apart from video games and editing the wiki obviously, are anime and Warhammer 40K. On a less geeky side, also snowboarding and shooting at the firing range, and occasionally camping.
Leon: How did you first discover Wikia and which wikis do you spend the most time on?
Freija: I was a minor lurker ever since the Duck and Cover days, mostly to get info on the Fallout Bible and the odd recap on quests for my replays of F1 and F2, but not much else. After Bethesda's Fallout 3 was released I learned the Vault had relocated to Wikia, and again became a minor lurker with a few edits wikifiying articles and fixing grammar and typos, and occasional blog comments. Only a few weeks prior to the split would I become a regular contributing member.

While I browse a lot of other Wikia wikis, I don't usually contribute much unless I happen to stumble upon something I could help with. I did however used to help out with Wikipedia. By the time I stopped contributing my account had around 700 edits on the English version, and about 200 in the German one (mostly from translating articles). It's not really particularly remarkable, but it did help me a lot with gaining know-how about wiki-editing, which I applied editing here.
Leon: How has this wiki inspired you and what influences have kept you here at Nukapedia as a productive member of the community?
Freija: I guess what really drives me to continue contributing is the community here, how thriving it is. It's been through a split during which most of the administrators left, there hasn't been any real news regarding the franchise ever since Bethesda won the FOOL trial, not even a hint of Fallout 4, and still we're one of the top wikis here in terms of activity. We've got as much as 500 edits a day on average, and between 700K-1M daily views according to the admin dashboard. That's a really impressive feat considering we're in the downtime of a between-games hiatus.

That's really the greatest motivation to contribute I think, because you that know what you're doing is going to be appreciated by lots of people, that the content you're writing is going to be read. There's really motivation nor point in writing top-notch quality articles that are going to be read by nobody, after all.

A lot of the credit has to go to the people who came up with and maintains all the different community segments and events that keep the wiki interesting and busy despite the fact that Fallout 4 is still far beyond the horizon. I have no doubt that Agent C's weekly news digest, the polls, the SNM and the other segments were the differential that tipped the balance in our favor despite the odds.
Leon: What would you consider your greatest accomplishment(s) here at Nukapedia?
Freija: I believe I really helped kickstart the Bug Verification Project back into gear and organizing the efforts to clear up most of the mess that were the bug sections. Although I can't take all the credit of course, a lot of people helped achieve that. Toci, Hawk and Zerg for instance come to mind.

Right now my pet project is overhauling and expanding the Miscellaneous World Objects page. My goal is to have all objects in both Fallout 3 and New Vegas cataloged, identified, described and photographed by the time Fallout 4 comes in.
Leon: Continuing from the previous question, what is your drive? What has motivated you to make Nukapedia a better wiki? How did this drive help you become an Administrator here?
Freija: Like I answered on the previous question, my drive to contribute comes from the community. If it weren't for it I'd be only an on-and-off occasional contributor like I am in other wikis. On around September last year I decided I'd start helping out on a more consistent basis, mostly with wikification and GECK-based info (such as filling in ID codes). Unfortunately, soon came the split that turned everything upside down and really threw a bucket of cold water on my enthusiasm to contribute. Tempers were overheated, flame wars raged on an hourly basis, Wikia had put the wiki almost under martial law, and vandals and trolls took the opportunity on the absence of admins to go to town almost immediately, festering like a boil outbreak that happens when your immune system is down. The only stable element here was pretty much just Jspoelstra, who in the middle of all the convoluted mess kept on with his silent, machine-like daily editing. He said it wasn't right to just turn his back and leave the community here at the mercy of trolls, and I don't want to sound like I'm sucking up to the boss here, but that really struck a chord with me. I was at first supportive of the split, but his example (combined with the retraction of the message wall imposition from Wikia, which was my biggest beef with them) made me want to stick around and help out as well.

From then on the path was pretty much linear, with me trying to fill the gaps left on staff structure as the need arised. The vacuum left by the leadership and lack of enforcers meant vandalism and trolling was still at an all-time high, so I applied to be a patroller to help fight that wave, and was the first one to be appointed one under the new rules. Later as I begun to frequent chat more it was obvious trolls were taking advantage from the lack of mods during the late night/early morning timeslots to disrupt the chat, so I later applied to moderator. After all that the adminship seemed natural, seeing as the admin staff was still undermanned and not many other mods were interested in filling it.

I never really planned on ending up as an admin, and had the split never happened I doubt I'd have applied seeing there wouldn't be much need. But I believe in the end of the day I helped making this wiki better than it would have been otherwise, even if only a bit, so I'm satisfied that things turned out the way they did :)
Leon: What would your top 5 tips for new editors on this wiki be?
Freija: The first one would definitely be bold. If you see something wrong that should be corrected, just do ahead and correct, and if you see something that could be improved or added to, just go ahead and do it. Trial and error is pretty much the best way to get the hang of almost everything in life, and wiki-editing is no exception. Even if you do screw up majorly, it can be easily fixed with the press of a button. Our pages are literally patrolled around the clock, so there will always be somebody to catch and correct your mistakes and point you in the right direction. As long as you're acting in good faith there's nothing to fear regarding repercussions. So just go ahead and do what you think will improve the articles.

Being bold is of course important, but it's important to always demonstrate good faith so as to not come off as careless, or worse, a vandal or troll. So the second place has to go to always listening to tips, corrections and suggestions given to you, specially if they come from an experienced user. Don't take them personally nor as an offense, instead pay attention to what they have to say. They're just trying to help out the wiki and you as well.

Thirdly, understand that in a wiki, your edits are going to be reedited and reverted eventually. It's easy to feel frustrated and angry at seeing your work being erased or altered, but please don't take that personally and don't feel discouraged by it. It happens to everyone all the time in a wiki. Try to learn from that as well, and if you still disagree with the change, by all means, feel free to debate with whoever did the change. Just make sure to do so maturely and objectively.

The fourth one is something that's often overlooked by even experienced editors and admins (I'd giving myself an accusing glare right now if I had a mirror nearby :P ), but that's an extremely good habit to have when editing: always leave summaries explaining your edits. They help patrollers immensely, make it easier to locate specific edits in the future, and most importantly, help establishing good faith. For that reason it should go hand-in-hand with being bold. It doesn't have to be anything overlong, just a brief explanation for or a summation of what you did will suffice.

Lastly, I'd like to point everyone to the tongue-in-cheek Wikipedia essay Please be a giant dick. What is says is basically that you should either be a good editor and mindful member of the community, or be a massive dick outright. For instance, if you had an edit removed, then discuss it properly and afterwards respect in good faith the consensus reached, be it in your favor or not. Or just go postal and fill an admin's talk page with the word "penis" so we can ban you and be done with it. But please, don't go around removing things vaguely similar to your removed edit from other articles and then repeat the explanation given to you to get back at them. This type of passive-aggressive stealth sabotage is really the worst thing to do, not only because it's harder to deal with and all the more disruptive, but also specially because the one doing it may not even be aware of how damaging that is and how dickish they're being. So be either be a genuinely helpful and good-faith driven user, or by all means, be a massive, unapologetic dick. But please, PLEASE, don't do the flimsy kind of dickery that's always skimming the line without actually crossing it. :P
Leon: What would you like to see that isn't on this wiki already?
Freija: One thing that springs to mind really is a mod/admin notice board that would send update warnings to all mods and admins. Sort of like the community messages, but directed to staff only. It's been proposed many times before, but unfortunately it's not currently doable :(

Another minor thing, and that may be a surprise coming from me, would be improved FOBOS articles. Because of its (well deserved, IMO) reputation, and the general lack of fans the game has, FOBOS' articles are ghastly incomplete. While I feel no love for the game, it's still a Fallout game, and as a Fallout wiki not having many proper articles on FOBOS reflects poorly on us. I'd help myself, but unfortunately I've only played the game for about 5 hours, so there's really nothing much I can contribute in that regard.
Leon: Thank you for your time, Limmie.
Freija: No problem, thanks for thinking of me for this interview as well! :)