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The Infobox Challenge

  • The general idea - Whomever can come up with the most unique and original infobox wins this weeks challenge. The winner shall have their infobox featured in the next weeks edition of the Strategic Nuclear Moose and will have the chance to create the next weeks poll. Please read the rules listed below to help keep this challenge as relatively painless and fun as possible. Deadline is on the 4th.


  • All entries must be added into your personal blog-space and then submitted by providing a link in the comment section below. Failure to comply with this simple rule will result in your entry being disqualified.
  • The winner also gets a prize from our very own Doc Incognito! So make sure to participate if you want to take advantage of his wonderful photoshop skills!


  • All participants must submit an original and creative product that lives up to the standards presented by the example listed below.
  • Only pictures of your personal character from FO3/NV are allowed to be used in this challenge. No fan-made pictures/screenshots are allowed. (There is an option for special exceptions. Just send me the link and I will decide whether it is appropriate or not.)
  • You must have an account to participate in this challenge. This is to help keep things simple when contacting each participant.
  • Excessively offensive images and content will be removed immediately.
  • Only one entry per account. Abusing multiple accounts to improve your odds will gain you a ban.
  • This is not a challenge where other people vote for your entry. The winner will be left to my discretion.
  • Insulting another person's entry will result in your entry being disqualified and a possible ban.


  • 1st Prize Winners: Need a logo made? 1st prize wins a free request from our very own Doc Incognito! 1st prize winners will also be featured in the next edition of SNM!
  • 2nd Prize Winners: Receive a present that you can proudly display on your profile! 2nd prize winners also get to choose what the questions on the next editions SNM Poll will be.
  • 3rd Prize Winners: Get thrown into a lake of fire! Joking! 3rd prize winners will also receive a present that they can proudly display on their profile!


Janaschi Garoux
Gamer girl by sakimichan-d4oh68x
racePure Human
affiliationRenegade BoS
locationScavenger Platform
karmaScion of Evil
5 PE
6 EN
4 CH
8 IN
6 AG
6 LK
tag skillsSurvival
Energy Weapons
Friend of the Night
Bloody Mess
Black Widow

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