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    As some of you are already aware of, Wikia has recently introduced a new feature which allows its users to create interactive images, by utilizing default templates already provided to wikis, or by uploading new template images you might have tucked away in the depths of your computer. What is the benefit of using this feature over image mapping? Image mapping requires its creator to discern very specific coordinates for wherever they want a redirect, making image mapping a very tedious process that gets more and more complicated for large images. With the new interactive map feature we have, the process has been simplified to the point where you simply drag a waypoint onto the image, and add in as much text, map icons, and redirects as yo…

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    Hello everybody! Leon here, bringing Nukapedia a test stream for the upcoming Bethesda Softworks title Wolfenstein: The New Order. This game will be released today in approximately 6 hours, and should the game prove to run optimally on my computer (it should, as I have a very high-end PC), then I will commence with the stream and will probably play somewhere between 1-3 hours. A few notes to keep in mind for the stream:

    1. I mostly only stream walkthrough game videos. Because of this, I have not invested in a quality mic or studio equipment, and there will be absolutely no commentary.
    2. I do have real-world obligations. If something comes up, I will not hesitate to cut the stream short. Please respect my decision if it comes down to that.
    3. I will have…

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    Hello fellow Patrons! Around 2-3 years ago, when the Strategic Nuclear Moose was still a blog on Nukapedia & The Vault, we sought to create a newsletter of sorts called the SNM Sentinel. We had a lot of people that signed up, but when the Moose went into hiatus, the Sentinel went down as well. So with our new community site up and with numbers now hitting nearly 200 unique visitors daily, we are looking to revive this feature in one of two ways:

    1. If you are merely a viewer and do not want to actually create an account on the Moose, we are willing to accommodate them so long as they are regular wiki-patrons. Utilizing a bot created by our resident editor and Patron Skire, we can bring the Sentinel directly to your talk-page!
    2. I am currently workin…
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    This is going to be a quick one, but I wanted to personally make everyone aware of a rising problem across the Interwebs: apps that steal public and free information from sources such as books and wikis, which charges those that use them. I have seen these sorts of apps floating around before, and I was motivated to look into it more after it was discovered on Wikia that wikis are becoming a more frequent victim in these scams. Here is an example of what these apps might look like, which was shown on Community Central earlier:

    Fallout is a popular game, with fairly expensive game guides, which is going to make our wiki a good target. So please, everyone, keep your eyes out and report these apps to Wikia the moment you become aware of their …

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    Welcome Nukapedians, to the first edition of news from the Strategic Nuclear Moose as a part of our recent official affiliation! The point of these news postings will be for a myriad of reasons:

    1. We will be relaying related news from the Moose here, which will include game news and site updates.
    2. Community content found in our Patrons' Lounge will also be re-released here to help bring in awareness.
    3. Dedicated Twitch streams will be edited and also re-released. This will not be a regular feature now as we are only releasing filler videos until we get our Twitch streaming organized, but our communities can expect consistent and professional videos later down the road.
    4. Whenever new outreach programs are released, our news editions will be taken adv…
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