hello fellow wikians and other internet users this is my blog about the "classes" of New this blog i will show you how to create an specific class because as we know FO:NV you can be pretty much everything you want but there are people that want to play in a specific way and to those who don´t know much or want a suggestion of what to be here are the basics and after that you can see the basics of how create an class and the links to the other blogs of this series


there are some rules to make the making of your class better and to the gameplay to be easier and here they are

this will make you have more skill points and be able to get perks that will help you get more XP and skill points
  • never take too much from endurance in any class and strenght depending on your class
endurance determines your amount of health and having a medium to big amounts of health can help a lot in any class and strenght is important to many classes like for example an sniper because you need to reach the strenght requirement to use a weapon properly as many rifles need at least 4 of
  • The fight style you want may not be in the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. skill you need to invest
even though for example unarmed is on endurance you may want to invest in strenght instead because the more points you have in strenght the more damage you will do unarmed

Essential Perks

these are some perks that you may want to get without caring to your class Educated Swift Learner Lessons learned Bloody Mess Toughness Weapon Handling

List of Classes

Fists of Rads