these are my personal favorite mods from Fallout 3 and New Vegas

Caesar's New Regime Though i am not a big fan of the legion i like this mod a lot because it makes them better in many aspects. Extetic and in chalenger to face them specially

MidWest Power Armor Professional Edition Fo3 link this armor is awesome and though i don't use it so much or never i always put it on Veronica and its awesome even if is uncanny and not so much 50sish

More perks (Fo3 link) and Ultimate Perk Pack they are awesome and make the game so much more fun and interactive and i love perks

For The Enclave a very well done mod made in name of the Enclave and its awesome

No explanation needed

well those were some mods i liked from Fo i downloaded a lot more and there is a lot more out there but just were only a few. if you want you can recomend any mods in the comments and yeah here are some mods from Oblivion and Skyrim i like

Real lava i want lava not red soup!

Roman Imperial Armor and Weapons (replacer) V1.4 FOR THE EMPIRE!

Knights of the Nine V2.6 For the Nine!

Ver.2 Okami Shiranui Wolf Follower! who doesn't want the Goddess of the sun to ber your personal dog guard?