so i found these sound files in MP3 format when i was browsing through New Vegas Data files, wich you can acess through steam or program files, and in the path Data/Music/SCR i found those files wich some i know what they are but others not all and i want to post them in the wikia to see if you know i will be also be posting the ones i know and also another thing the name of the files in the wiki are exactly the same as in New vegas data files except they are OGG.

Mus SCR VictorySinger alt2
Mus SCR VictorySinger alt1
Mus SCR VictorySinger
- these files sound like a variation of the level up theme but more awesome though i am not sure so they can be anything
Mus SCR VegasStinger
jngle jangle jingle for some reason
Mus SCR MuzakRadio
Mus SCR Muzak
same song only diference one file is to sound like its on the radio though why its exists IDK but it sounds cool
Mus SCR GoodspringsStinger
the song you hear when you get out of Doc. Mitchel`s house
Mus SCR DocMitchell
Doc. Mitchel`s own song after you wake up
Mus SCR DeathStinger
a variation of the death theme though why it exists IDK

SylveonGaming Foxy 00:50, March 21, 2015 (UTC)