You know of the inevitable end of the world. Some believe it shall be caused by the ignorance of mankind, others by a turn of events described in the Bible. Now, no one knows for sure what will happen, but I can tell you that something will. Right now, this is May of 2052 and the Resource Wars began just around a month ago. The world, a place I've known to be a dying, destructive place, is now becoming worse than I've ever imagined. A bunch of small countries in Europe have gone bankrupt, the United Nations is quickly dissolving, and my boss, the one and only Robert House, is just racking in the big bucks with his fancy Protectrons.

Just in case anything happens, I've hired some teen to follow me around and write down what I do. I told him that he could write things in any way he desires, just as long as it's the truth. If I die, he is to make as many copies as possible, spread it around, etc. for future generations to read, to learn from. That way, if the world falls into chaos, I can make at least some attempt to teach others that fighting isn't the option. I know you're asking why I think international warfare is going to eventually happen, so I'll tell ya: You can't put two men in one room without one trying to govern the other. So, in a larger scale, you can't put a lot of countries in the same resource-lacking situation without some trying to take everything another has.

I'm telling you, if those commies in China get desperate enough, they're gonna go around here, all high and mighty, and start trying to steal what resources we have (which, soon, won't be enough). Whatever the case, when an inescapable war breaks out, I'll fucking fight for my country. Now... I should probably calm down with my thoughts. If war were to break out, it wouldn't be anytime soon, right?