The Strip is the highpoint of New Vegas and all wastelanders want to be there. There is a negative condition about New Vegas which is they only allow certain people. Three Securitrons guard the gates to The Strip and they require either...

  • 2,000 caps (They won't take it as toll fee, just credit check)
  • New Vegas Passport (Can be forged at Mick and Ralph's)
  • If you have a high science level, then you can hack the securitron in the front to let you in

Since they require you to go to the Strip in such an early state of the game, its recommended to do a quest for The King. The quest is called G.I. Blues. When completed you can ask him a favor and he has the power to grant access to you into the strip. In order to see The King, you must head to the The King's School of Impersonation and bribe the doorman Pacer.