So people seem to be enjoying No-name the Corpse so far, and there are a few things I haven't really conveyed yet that I want to make available to people who just want to know a little more about Corpse.

Fact #1: Corpse is in fact a woman. I wanted to leave that ambiguous in the first chapter just to make the opening seem more approachable to either gender. Granted, it doesn't particularly matter much, as I have no plans for it to have heavy themes of gender. I just felt it might make my character a little more interesting if they weren't the token strong male survivor.

Fact #2: Corpse doesn't know how to read words. I want her character to be in a believable state for the setting. With her living her life in peril, she didn't really have time to learn to read words. Of course, that doesn't mean that she can't read any text. She knows what numbers mean, and can understand some common written words. "Nuka Cola" would probably be something she'd understand written, considering that's what the currency says right on it.

Fact #3: Corpse doesn't know what the inside of a vault looks like. Being born after the bombs were dropped, Corpse has never set foot in a vault, so she has no idea what to expect if she's to ever walk into one.

Fact #4: Corpse doesn't kill without reason. In the story, there will be a recurring moral theme of only acting when action is necessary. Corpse doesn't kill unless she has a reason to, and "because they were in the way" isn't necessarily a valid reason.

Fact #5: Corpse was never actually named. In her story, Corpse was born during a crisis and her parents never had a chance to decide on a name before they were killed. Corpse was around 2 or 3 years old when her parents died.