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  • I live in Oklahoma
  • I was born on February 17
  • I am Female (trans mtf)
  • Bio Just someone who likes to write, do art, and other random crap
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  • GalaxyArcade

    So people seem to be enjoying No-name the Corpse so far, and there are a few things I haven't really conveyed yet that I want to make available to people who just want to know a little more about Corpse.

    Fact #1: Corpse is in fact a woman. I wanted to leave that ambiguous in the first chapter just to make the opening seem more approachable to either gender. Granted, it doesn't particularly matter much, as I have no plans for it to have heavy themes of gender. I just felt it might make my character a little more interesting if they weren't the token strong male survivor.

    Fact #2: Corpse doesn't know how to read words. I want her character to be in a believable state for the setting. With her living her life in peril, she didn't really have ti…

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