Well, my plan to enter with 3k Sierra Madre chips did not work. I turned in dozens of cartons and packs of cigarettes and then walked towards the radio. I showed up with no chips, so it even removes it's own items. On the plus side, it did not remove the radiation so entering with the Rad Child perk and 601 rads meant dealing with The Cloud on Very Hard/Hardcore was mostly trivial. Found Christine first. Her radio blocking perk makes clearing out the rest of the radios easy. The Auto-Doc(s) in the Medical District take care of any injuries, and do not remove radiation. I got Tough Guy challenge using bear traps north of entrance to Puesta del Sol, then healing with Auto-Doc. The Auto-Doc in the Casino removes radiation, so I had to avoid it and use Doctor's bags from the Vending machine. I never had to sleep once. Other than not being able to get the Duck and Cover, it seemed much easier. I used a 9 mm for radios, Police pistol 45%, Holorifle 50% for Ghosts, the balance being Throwing Spears with Cloud Kiss (potent). I would have used Cloud Kiss more but I could not find enough Turpentine. Walked out with 37 Gold bars, 7 Automatic Rifles, 21 Police pistols, 26 Bear trap fists, 216 Throwing spears, 262 Jars of Cloud residue; Wg 3752 total. Walked to Novac after clearing out the bunker, it took about 8 minutes. GRPeng 04:13, November 6, 2011 (UTC)