Responsibilities: Filling cabinets, wastebaskets, and desks with crap players don't want. Contract length: 3 weeks, or shorter if you work fast.

I did a pretty good job of getting rid of stuff this time, at least until I finished Lonesome Road. My load times had been very manageable. After clearing a cave or vault I usually find a coyote or fiend and load them up with all the stuff I don't want to look at in merchants inventories. This was just from Courier's Mile, I wrote it down just because I could not believe how much there was in that little area: Ashtray (4), Baseball, Baseball glove, Butter knife, Carton of cigarettes (5), Cigarette (2), Coffee cup (8), Conductor (5), Cup (2), Deathclaw hand (4), Earnings Clipboard, Finance Clipboard (2), Firehose nozzle (3), Pack of cigarettes (5), Paintgun (2), Paperweight (3), Pencil (3), Pot, Teddy bear.

I had been reverse pickpocketing cigarettes on Gangers to see if they would stop complaining about running out of smokes, but got tired of that pretty quick.