The Bird had a Duet with the Devil

The Bird had a Duet with the Devil is a quest in Fallout 3. It is started by finding the body of Melissa Amway. You then try to find clues to who she was which is finished by finding her holodisk from her room. If you have 75 Science or above you can hack the computer in her room and find out she used to work at the old bar and Philjack wanted to meet her in his room. If you don't, you can ask the regulars of The Rusty Tilt if they have seen anything odd. They've all seen something but you only need two to make Philjack confess.

  • Daniel - Bring him 10 Jet.
  • Jackston - Give him 5 whiskeys.
  • Goose - With a speech of 50, he'll give you a video holodisk that's described as "a video of someone dragging a body. He looks similar to Philjack."

After you have had him confess, you can kill him for 100 negative karma, all the items in his room and whatever he's carrying. You can also turn him in for 100 positive karma and 500 caps.