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The gears shift. The door opens. "This is it.." I think to myself, as I take a deep breath. After this, I would be truly free. I take my time walking to the great outdoors. With a backpack full of bullets, water, stimpaks (and some food) and a Pip-boy 3000 mounted on my wrist, as I proceed with my adventure. I tighten my grip on the 10mm machine gun in my hand as I see the light, and it blinds me. I cover my eyes with my arm, and after waiting for the initial shock to wear off I take a good look at the outside world.

I was speechless. It was..large. I felt small. This made me panic for a bit, but after calming down.. I felt eager. Eager to take a look into this new world. The pip-boy beeps, having found a radio station. I tune it to that, and move forward. In my vault jumpsuit, I felt like an outsider. I hope to find something good.

Thus, begins a new adventure in the wasteland.. starring me. A vault dweller.