The gears shift. The door opens. "This is it.." I think to myself, as I take a deep breath. After this, I would be truly free. I take my time walking to the great outdoors.

With a backpack full of bullets, water, stimpaks (and some food (and i might have stolen a vault-tec vault boy bobblehead. he's got some four leaf clover or something.)) and a Pip-boy 3000 mounted on my wrist, as I proceed with my adventure. I tighten my grip on the 10mm pistol in my hand as I see the light, and it blinds me. I cover my eyes with my arm, and after waiting for the initial shock to wear off I take a good look at the outside world.

I was speechless. It was..large. I felt small. This made me panic for a bit, but after calming down.. I felt eager. Eager to take a look into this new world. The pip-boy beeps, having found a radio station. I tune it to that, and move forward. In my vault jumpsuit, I felt like an outsider. I hope to find something good. The air might need getting used to.. And there's something in the distance.. Looks like a couple of buses, some lights and some people. Hope they're friendly. I take a sip from a flask in my backpack and wonder for the rest of my journey.

Thus, begins a new adventure in the wasteland.. starring me. A vault dweller.


After some travelling and the death of a mutated bug or whatever that was, I find "188 trading post". Wonder why it's called that.. Apparently the current currency is bottle caps. BOTTLE CAPS. I traded some of my food for RadAway (and some ten bottle caps extra), and someone told me about New Vegas. "It's the best place to lose all your caps." he said, giving instuctions to New Vegas. I just went and sat somewhere.

The radio host told of a "package courier shot in the head" who became concious. I just crossed that off of my mind and listened to more tunes. I decide to go to New Vegas to see what it is like tomorrow.. Hopefully I can some caps from there and sleep under a roof. Shoddy or not, it works.

I grabbed a bottle from my backpack but when I did, the bobblehead falls out of it. I picked it up to realize under it are two bottle caps with a star on them. "Huh." I said and picked them up.