Hi everyone, and everyfurs out there. this blog is for those who likes new ideas, likes furries in Fallout games, and new adventures. Ever wonder if there will be new things on the new Fallout games? I do as well. but there is no telling if there "WILL" be a new Fallout game, or that there well be anything special in it. What I want in the new Fallout games is furries, gene splicing, animal/human fusions in one of the vaults because of the Overseer eagerness in preventing radiations/mutation/ freedom from the wasteland/ their skills/ or something else to be animals or part animals. And once the quest is completed, you get multiple choices to choose to be like one of them and to choose an animal you want/ to kill them all for their rare skins/ or to not to. I would like to do this quest over and over again on new games and to choose to be an animal (Furries) all the time. Well I don't know how this blog thing works and all, but I think its for everyone's opinions on what you think about what I wrote, and what you think about what you want?