This is how I'll run through Character Creation. I'll tell you what each attribute/skill/perk does and then I'll follow up with what I think of it and if you should pick it. I'll divide the perks into best perks, good perks, okay perks, bad perks, and worst perks. If you disagree with me you can just write it in the comments, but if you really want me to include your opinion in this guide you're going to have to back it up with decent information, but still, since this is my blog, my word is final. If you don't like my suggestions just pick your own, but don't blame me for any problems or difficulties you have.

Your gender does determine some of the perks you can receive, namely the Black Widow and Cherchez La Femme for females, and Lady Killer and Confirmed Bachelor for males. Cherchez La Femme and Lady Killer give the same combat bonuses and Confirmed Bachelor and Black widow give the same combat bonuses, so the real only difference is in the conversation options you have.Other than that there are a few different dialogue options for each gender, but overall you should have the same experience with either gender. Race and Age have no in game affect, and neither do the hair stiles you pick matter, just make sure you make a character you like because you're going to see their face a lot if you use VATS.


Since the tutorial is optional in this game, you should just start the game out with good stats. Here's what each one does and my view on it:

Strength: Affects your carrying weight, extra unarmed damage, weapon proficiency, and the skills melee weapons and unarmed. You need a strength of 5 for the perk Heave Ho!, a strength of 6 for the perks Stonewall, Strong Back, and Super Slam, and a strength of 7 for the perk Unstoppable Force. Your strength has to be lower than 10 for you to receive the strength implant and the perk Weapon Handling.

My view: Strength would be almost useless if it weren't for one thing: You're required to have a certain level in strength to use a weapon properly. This affects ranged weapons by you're less accurate and melee weapons by you swing slower. If you use explosives as your primary weapon the lower accuracy doesn't really affect you since most of those weapons are just meant to be approximate. Close range weapons like shot guns also aren't affected to much since you should be close any way. If you use medium to long range weapons, however, than this is going to hurt, especially if you use sniper rifles. Melee weapons wouldn't be affected to much if it weren't for the fact that the perks Super Slam and Unstoppable force require a decent level in strength. I recommend a strength of 4 with power armor, strength implant, and Weapons Handling to use most weapons. You can refer to the weapons page for details on the strength requirement for each weapon.

Final verdict: Most of the good range weapons require a strength of 6. The best ones require a strength of 8. For melee and unarmed weapons it's pretty much the same, although one of the best unarmed weapons, the Balistic Fist, requires a strength of 9. With that said, the strength implant raises your strength by one and the best power armors raise your strength by 1, and the second best raises your strength by 2. Then add the fact that there's a perk that lowers your strength requirement by 2, and suddenly that balistic fist only requires a strength of 7. If you're going with range weapons I'd go with a strength of 4, because with the best power armor, the strength implant, and the perk Weapon Handling, you can wield the Anti-material Rifle and the Plasma Caster, pretty much my favorite weapons in the game. If you're going melee or unarmed I'd still start with a strength of 4. If you want to use the balistic fist just put on the T-45d Power Armor.