I'm writing this guide because I feel there are no extremely thorough walkthroughs/guides on the web, and some also have some bad advice(especially the official guide, which tries to make all the perks seem like they have good benefits, which often isn't the case), at least if you want to do as much as possible in one play through. I suppose my other desire was to create a guide that matched the greatness of Per Jorner's The Nearly Ultimate Fallout Guide, The Nearly Ultimate Fallout 2 Guide, and The Nearly Ultimate Wasteland Guide. As anyone who has read this guides would know, this is a hefty feat, almost unthinkable in today's Fallout games. Of course this guide won't start out that awesome, and it definitely will take plenty of time to complete, but eventually I hope to make it the guide that everyone goes to when they need help in Fallout: New Vegas.

With the fabulous Fallout wiki, The Vault, you may be wondering what's the point in writing an extremely thorough guide if I can just search around The Vault for answers. The answer is time, organization, and potentially paper if you print out the information. Let me explain these answers. Think about how many Fallout: New Vegas pages you would have to enter just to get all the information you need for, say, quests. You would have to visit like 70 wikia pages, and with that number of pages the loading time adds up. Then you have the useless information as far as doing everything in Fallout is concerned, like historical references and advertisements, which means more pages you have to print if you do print this stuff out to make your own Fallout: New Vegas "Guide." Finally, with all this jumping and reading through pages you would have trouble seeing how each quest interacts with others and all the bugs that interfere with each quest by doing it this way, especially if your game isn't patched. This guide will be much more organized, showing you all the bugs, before the patches and after, relating to the quest and if and how they affect others.

I'm playing the United States PS3 version of Fallout: New Vegas and it's patched to version 1.5 (version for the PC). If I can get a new computer I'll switch to the PC version because it allows me to examine the game's files, but it should suffice since this is a guide for Fallout: New Vegas without mods. I also don't think there should be much of a difference if you got it in another country, except maybe a name difference in some items(Which I'll note in the guide.)

If you'd like to contact me just comment on this blog or my talk page, but please don't e-mail me. I get enough mail as it is. I don't have time to search through my mail to find your message. Please also make sure that your message is relevant to my Fallout: New Vegas Guide (In other words, don't mail me asking me about what time it is or a question about an older Fallout Game.) If I do listen to your advice I'll be sure to list your name in the credits.

Finally, I should warn you that there will be many spoilers. If this is your first play through you might just want to have a shot at the game without any help. There are many secrets to find in Fallout: New Vegas, and you'll truly appreciate finding some of those secrets the first time without any help. Then you can play through the game with a guide such as this and find all those secrets and make an ultimate character. This also lets you put your own judgment into what I say, so if you disagree with me about some skill just pick it anyway,however, don't blame me for any problems you have for choosing that skill or perk etc.