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    June 24, 2012 by Funnynamehere

    following the years of horrible wasteland chaos, one sought to make everything right. Hajakala, master of the ICE TOWEZ, would rise. Tis was a brisk windy day, perfect weather to swish the cape of the for-now lone master. 3:00PM, time for him to head out. The lone wanderer worked his way over to the southeast, entering into the Fort.

    "Please forfeit your weapons"
    "suck my dick"

    hajakala replied as he pulled out his jacket pocket a 9mm, shooting the legionary in the head. The other legionaries attempted to pull their weapons out but found themselves suddenly frozen. A sudden chill had come over them, freezing them and the nearby lake.

    The lone masked man walked up the wooden steps, built from the hands of people who saw greater futures, but the…

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  • Funnynamehere

    So i have decided to post-pone my running until August. Please give input Accordingly.

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  • Funnynamehere

    Q and A

    June 6, 2012 by Funnynamehere
    • Don't you think if the site you are trying to find parts for says it was never intended to have that part because the game was canceled, it doesnt deserve to be on the "(insert missing part here) needed" category?
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