This week, I am going to talk about several things that may not be thought of; sounds before and during the day the bombs fell.

First, the radio transmissions both military and civilian. One would suppose the military radio would be screaming with commands, confusion and moans (guessing from the planes that tried to prevent the bombs from falling in the first place, although bombers had a low chance of shooting down planes, and now these days, being tracked is their new weapon.) Whereas civilian radios broadcast the President's last message and warning.

During this time must be extremely loud. Not only the bomb exploding, but the crumbling of buildings and vehicles exploding. If anyone survived, they would probably be deaf. But what confuses me (and I hope I'm not the only one) is that how are dogs able to survive, but I guess I can save that for another day.

Once again, thank you for reading my rambling. I you would like to hear my opinion on anything, I will be more than glad to share it. Next week I will be talking about the 5 cities my dad, brother, and I chose to bomb. Until then, be safe have a good week.

Happy Trails, Funnyboy7722