My endless curiosity has made me think about locations for a Fallout DLC or perhaps a Fallout game. Being in Colorado made me think about what this state would look like.But that shouldn't stop me from wishing for this state to be introduced into the gaming world.

I know Colorado hasn't made the grade for Bethesda quite yet, but they have considered it throughout Fallout: NV (characters mentioning Dog City aka Denver). Colorado, however, lacks something. Is it the fact that there is only one city worth covering? (I know Boulder is a city too, but its part of Denver in reality). My dad has a folder of places that are a threat to other countries. Colorado Springs is ranked third. We have the United States Air Force Academy, 3 Military Bases, and NORAD. So COS is on the list. The geography for this would be interesting seeming that it is hilly and I have yet to see a map that is fully hilly (Fallout 3 doesn't count). But due to the massive radiation, Denver and the rest of Colorado is just merely a dream and the possibilities of a "Rocky Mountain Fallout" diminish.

I could add onto this topic, but I will see if anyone who reads this has questions. I'll gladly answer any question. From my Fallout weapon of choice to my favorite color. Thanks for listening to me ramble.

See you in the Wasteland, Funnyboy7722 (Caravan Owner)