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  • I was born on December 3
  • My occupation is Student
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  • Funnyboy7722

    This week, I am going to talk about several things that may not be thought of; sounds before and during the day the bombs fell.

    First, the radio transmissions both military and civilian. One would suppose the military radio would be screaming with commands, confusion and moans (guessing from the planes that tried to prevent the bombs from falling in the first place, although bombers had a low chance of shooting down planes, and now these days, being tracked is their new weapon.) Whereas civilian radios broadcast the President's last message and warning.

    During this time must be extremely loud. Not only the bomb exploding, but the crumbling of buildings and vehicles exploding. If anyone survived, they would probably be deaf. But what confuse…

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  • Funnyboy7722

    My endless curiosity has made me think about locations for a Fallout DLC or perhaps a Fallout game. Being in Colorado made me think about what this state would look like.But that shouldn't stop me from wishing for this state to be introduced into the gaming world.

    I know Colorado hasn't made the grade for Bethesda quite yet, but they have considered it throughout Fallout: NV (characters mentioning Dog City aka Denver). Colorado, however, lacks something. Is it the fact that there is only one city worth covering? (I know Boulder is a city too, but its part of Denver in reality). My dad has a folder of places that are a threat to other countries. Colorado Springs is ranked third. We have the United States Air Force Academy, 3 Military Bases, …

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