The Garden of Eden mod (it's still an idea) is a Fallout 3 mod idea I got from the "Adam and Eve" story from The Bible. It takes you out of the wastelands via Ladder... but it is still restricted to a point.

In the Garden of Eden

- Sinner's apple - +7 rads and -2 HP when eaten. - Pure water lake (Good Karma) - Cannot be poisoned, and will always give you more fresh water when you have some bottles. (Nuka-Cola bottles, empty bottles, ect.)

- Dirty water lake (Evil Karma) - Already poisoned, and will lower HP when near it.

- 3 bottles of water ARE provided in the area near the lake. Refills water bottles after 5 in-game days.

- Hidden in the area are 5 bibles, special to the mod and in the 2 Edens in different places.. It can be read, which gives you 2 to speech.

- Also hidden are Isaac heads, an easter egg to BoI. They are a weapon that is worn, and gives you tears. (Might be subject to change, depending on how people react.)

- Eve's Handgun (Evil Karma needed to get) - A revolver that holds 6 bullets that poison enemies (or you, if eve is holding it)

People in Eden

-Whoever was brung to the Garden of Eden's ladder will follow. (Only the followers with the same karma as the player will enter with you. Other followers will wait behind, and will re-follow you when you go back into the Wasteland.

-Eve (a special enemy, only appears if you have evil Karma) - Is a dark-grey girl with horns and black hair that will hunt down the player while in the Garden of Eden. (Might be subject to change)

- Adam (a follower that appears if you have good Karma) - Will be a follower in the Garden of Eden, and if at full Good Karma, will follow the player in the Wastelands, too. If you have bad karma and have him as a follower, he will try to kill you.

- "God" (Good Karma needed) - Will introduce you to the Garden of Eden. Appears as a light that brightens as he talks.

- Satan (Evil Karma) - Will also introduce you into the Garden of Eden. Appears as a burnt version of the player with red eyes.

If an enemy is killed, a light will be shown and they will fly up (or go down a hole, which is cosmetic to you and followers, but not to dead enemies) (depends if they were good before being sent above/below.)

Eden Types

- Good Eden (Good Karma) - Greenish grass (or as green as it can be), the Pure Water river, and the restriction is of rocks and a fence. A leaf-less tree is next to the Pure Water river, and holds the Sinner's Apple that refills itself every 3 days. Adam is near the tree, and may follow you in Eden. Releases rads by 5 every 3 real life seconds, but never goes lower than 3 rads.

- Evil Eden (Evil Karma) - Scorched Stone, a Dirty (and Poisoned) Water river, and restrictions are of debris and Rocks. The tree appears to be cut down, and the Sinner's apple is next to it, that refills itself every 5 days (unlike the 3 days of the Good Eden tree). Eve will hunt you down and try to kill you whilst you're in the Evil Eden. Normal Rad increase. A Temple is also seen in the background, and that's where Eve will spawn from (or appear to) as a light will bring her down.

(No Normal Karma is seen here, as the Eden style is picked on whether you were Good or Bad before entering Eden - Good before entering Eden, then having Normal Karma will make you enter good Eden, while evil Karma before entering Eden will make you enter evil-Karma Eden.

Note: You CANNOT enter Eden until you beat the game. If you haven't beaten it, no ladder is shown. The Ladder is shown near a crater wall, with a sign saying "Eden", right near the vault you left.