aka seb23rules, Seb the Zenomorph, Seb

  • I live in Canada.
  • I was born on February 23
  • My occupation is Playing games, being random.
  • I am a Male Zenomorph.
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    The Garden of Eden mod (it's still an idea) is a Fallout 3 mod idea I got from the "Adam and Eve" story from The Bible. It takes you out of the wastelands via Ladder... but it is still restricted to a point.

    - Sinner's apple - +7 rads and -2 HP when eaten. - Pure water lake (Good Karma) - Cannot be poisoned, and will always give you more fresh water when you have some bottles. (Nuka-Cola bottles, empty bottles, ect.)

    - Dirty water lake (Evil Karma) - Already poisoned, and will lower HP when near it.

    - 3 bottles of water ARE provided in the area near the lake. Refills water bottles after 5 in-game days.

    - Hidden in the area are 5 bibles, special to the mod and in the 2 Edens in different places.. It can be read, which gives you 2 to speech.

    - Al…

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