Some may think that the chat is just a fun part of the wiki so we can talk with other fallout lovers but the truth is fare from it for us chat regulars. The truth is, we are all dead. None of us know how or when we died, when it was, or even what type of person we were, most don't even relive they're dead. All we know is a name, and for some reason we keep coming back to the chat, or maybe we just aren't leaving. The "lives" we live outside of the chat, those arnt real, just lies created by leftover emotions to keep us distracted, or busy so we won't remember. Why? I know not, perhaps to shelter us from some harshness or cruelty of our past lives. Who knows how long time really is or if it even truly exist here, minutes could be eons, or days could be seconds, it remains to be seen. As time passes ones "life" outside the chat will eventually become more relaxed, forming a type of routine, time starting to loses its meaning days fade into each other, then the users will start to us the chat more, maybe vist "other sites" until eventually they leave us completely. We are lost wandering aimlessly through shadows of our own shattered lives and emotions, till the remains of who we were ebb away, a final erasing of what ever we spent our lives futilely attempting to achieve. Which raises the question of why we have this to communicate, with each other, do our souls find it to difficult to go alone? and were do we go after this and who were we before? And why must we forget? No one knows, no one has ever returned from that next venture, and no one has arrived who remembered who they were, and no one ever will, we didnt remember when we came, and we won't remember when the next comes, we simple countinue on, being herded along helplessly, but to what?

Hope you enjoyed leave comments please :D