For my drama class we watched a movie of the play a raisin in the sun (the one with P-Diddy in it) our assignment was to write an epilogue for it. People in my class loved it so why not let people on the Internet read it xD (it won't make much sense if you haven't seen the movie or read the play) Enjoy Raisin in the sun epilogue

(Scene opens in a prison visitors room, an aged Walter Younger burdened with his thoughts on one side, and Ruth aged beyond her years with grey hair and wrinkles sits down on the cold bench across from him and picks up the phone)

Ruth: sweetie I have some news...

Walter: is it ever any good?

Ruth:it's about Bobo.... He, he, hes dead.... Hung himself last Sunday.... The note said he couldn't take the guilt of financially ruining his family and ours ( wipes eyes with a cloth)

Walter: (places his hands on his head) no, God no, no bobo no, not you too (punches a wall and sobs) where did we go wrong baby, how did we get here!?

Ruth: (pained look on her face) I don't know sweetie.... I don't know.. When your mother died of pancreatic cancer it... It all just feel apart.

Walter: no I'll tell you what it was! It was money! When the white folk harassed us till we had to sell our house they didn't give us enough money to even pay the rent at our old place! When my mother worked herself to death even when she was sick it was because we didn't have enough money!

Ruth: (places a hand on the glass) Walter is that why you robed that bank!? Why you killed that man!?

Walter: Isn't that why you put our daughter up for adoption because we couldn't hardly feed our son!

Ruth: Walter you know it's not like that we gave her the chance at a better life and you know it!

Walter: (ignoring her) isn't that why Travis our sweet little boy joined a gang, to try and get us more money! Isn't that why he was gunned down in the street like some kind of animal! (Getting more emotional)

Ruth: (crying) damn it Walter stop it, it's not like that!

Walter: but it's is baby, you still just too blind to see it!

Ruth: no Walter your wrong!

Walter: (yelling but not screaming) isn't that why Beneatha married George!? Gave up on her dreams of going to Africa and being a Doctor, to try and help us get more money!

Ruth: (sobbing uncontrollably )

Walter: (still yelling) And look at how it turned out for her! The boys father died and he bankrupt that company before they even saw a CENT of that money! George started drinking and she found an escape from all the nasty things in her head with a mouth full of pills and a bottle of Jack!

Ruth: (still crying) Walter why are you saying these things!? Do you like seeing me hurt!? Your all i have left Walter! We never needed money to be happy! .... Can you still not see that?

Prison Guard: lets go Younger, it's time.

Walter: goodbye baby, I'm gotta go ride the lightning, I'll see you on the other side. (Stands up)

Ruth: (screaming and crying) WALTER NO DONT GO! DON'T DON't... (Almost whispers) don't leave me all alone

Walter: be strong baby, I wish I could've given you all you deserved... (Walks away with the guard)

Ruth: (breaks down and sobs)

End scene