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    March 21, 2013 by FracturedMind

    these are just a few of my deep personal thoughts that I feel like venting if you want to read them then knock yourself out, but this is in no way a cry for help. I just want to vent were no one who lives near me or sees me everyday or could tell people close to me can find it.

    why do I have to try? Lifes not like movies or fairy tales. Im not going to magically find some meaning to life or do something important or be a hero so why make me try. Im not going to be a genius im not going to solve anyones problems or meet anyones expectations, so fuck off. Im not going to find love im not going to have friends or meaning so stop telling me I am or it all works out. dont keep me from letting go if you wont help me hold on. Im not stupid I know …

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    For my drama class we watched a movie of the play a raisin in the sun (the one with P-Diddy in it) our assignment was to write an epilogue for it. People in my class loved it so why not let people on the Internet read it xD (it won't make much sense if you haven't seen the movie or read the play) Enjoy Raisin in the sun epilogue

    (Scene opens in a prison visitors room, an aged Walter Younger burdened with his thoughts on one side, and Ruth aged beyond her years with grey hair and wrinkles sits down on the cold bench across from him and picks up the phone)

    Ruth: sweetie I have some news...

    Walter: is it ever any good?

    Ruth:it's about Bobo.... He, he, hes dead.... Hung himself last Sunday.... The note said he couldn't take the guilt of financial…

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    Chat Purgatory theory

    January 30, 2013 by FracturedMind

    Some may think that the chat is just a fun part of the wiki so we can talk with other fallout lovers but the truth is fare from it for us chat regulars. The truth is, we are all dead. None of us know how or when we died, when it was, or even what type of person we were, most don't even relive they're dead. All we know is a name, and for some reason we keep coming back to the chat, or maybe we just aren't leaving. The "lives" we live outside of the chat, those arnt real, just lies created by leftover emotions to keep us distracted, or busy so we won't remember. Why? I know not, perhaps to shelter us from some harshness or cruelty of our past lives. Who knows how long time really is or if it even truly exist here, minutes could be eons, or d…

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    Remember alcohol is a drug and improper use of it is bad and sometimes illegal mkay. Please drink responsibly.

    Rule 1. When someone enters the chat, take a shot

    Rule 2. When someone misspells or auto correct fails, take a shot

    Rule 3. When someone gets kicked take a shot

    Rule 4. When a mod enters the chat take two shots out of respect

    Rule 5. When someone gets banned, take three shots

    Rule 6. If you get kicked take two shots and refresh your page

    Rule 7. When someone starts role playing take a shot

    Rule 8. When Ever rule calls someone a "smooth skin" take a shot

    Rule 9. When someone tells Eric to shut up, take a shot and say amen

    Rule 10. If you get banned, down the hole bottle

    Hope you enjoyed ;D

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