Uh... I've run into a slight problem. You see, I recently got Robotics Expert level 2 (not for Automatron, I may add, because I don't have it), and I decided to give the 'incite' command a go on Takahashi in Diamond City... needless to say, Solomon and Moe are now both dead (which means I can't' get the Legendary Swatter that Moe sells anymore). Do they respawn? Please tell me they respawn.

Well, at least I got their house keys. From the massive amount of empty beer bottles on the floor in his house, I can assume that Moe was an alcoholic. And whoever thought that one man could have so many drugs in his house (Solomon DID run a drug store though, so there's that).

I think I might do it again, just so I can get rid of Myrna, and a few Diamond City Security officers. Then I can steal whatever I want!

But, onto my main point: so, me and dad decided to joint purchase DiRT Rally together for his Xbox One... and I think it's safe to say that we both completely suck at it. Mostly because we can't do manual transmission races for shit (TBH, our Logitech G920's 6-speed stick shifter isn't the best, considering that it only has 6 gears (a few cars in DiRT have 7), and it doesn't have a reverse gear. The brake pedal ain't great either), and I didn't quite think that driving a 60 hp Mini Cooper around Monte Carlo without plummeting off a cliff would be so infuriating.

Then again, it is a hardcore sim, so there's that.

Anyway, I should go. Myrna and a DC guard just got murdered, so I should shut off Takahashi before he murders Arturo. Goodbye.