OK: so, I've accidentally managed to piss off all of Goodneighbour (after I stole some items from the Third Rail), and after managing to escape from KLEO, Super Mutants and Legendary Feral Mongrels, I made my way over to Hangman's Alley. This is where I discover how badly I've managed to screw myself over.

You see, I decided to switch over MacCready (my in-game husband, signified because I gave him Nora's wedding ring) for Dogmeat (who's currently wearing some sweet-ass armour), and sent him to Hangman's Alley so I wouldn't lose him (I could've sent him back to the Third Rail, but I decided not to).

So, when I got to Hangman's Alley... MacCready's health bar showed up, in red, and he started shooting at me. I'VE TURNED MACCREADY HOSTILE, AND I DON'T KNOW HOW TO GET HIM BACK. So, all I can really say is... FUCK MY LIFE.

Well, I suppose all I can do now is not return to the Alley, and (as much as it really pains me) i'm gonna have to leave Robert behind. In case you couldn't tell, I'M TERRIFIED AND DEVASTATED.

Please, if you have any suggestions for how I could get MacCready back, it'd be really appreciated. Goodbye (and I apologise for not updating this for so long).