• sigh* why is school always such a FUCKING NIGHTMARE?!?! Like, because I wasn't struggling enough with year 11. Now, i've got an English assessment due Monday, that I have a 99.9% chance of failing with flying colours. Joy.

Anyway, mediocre rant over. Onto today's main topic (and my apologies for not updating this for so long): Trackmania Turbo (Ubisoft's latest entry in the utterly bonkers Turbomania series) has an open beta available to download on the PSN Store (PS4) and the Xbox Live Marketplace (Xbox One). It's a 2.47GB download (but takes up 4GB on my PS4's HDD. OK), and it runs from today (18th March, 2016) to next Monday (21st March, 2016).

According to Ubisoft (who I must congratulate on finally deciding to stop milking the Assassin's Creed series for one year, at least), this beta will give you a taste of the 4 environments: Lagoon Rollercoaster ("Defy gravity in a tropical paradise, racing through sunny beaches and magnetic rollercoaster tracks"), Canyon Grand Drift (Drift your way through narrow tracks in this North American landscape"), Valley Down & Dirty ("Use air control and jump through the hills in an immersive countryside setting") and International Stadium ("Use your precision driving skills to master the tracks of this indoor worldwide competition").

The beta also allows access to the 100-player (yes, 100 PLAYERS, ON ONE TRACK, AT THE SAME TIME) multiplayer and the Track Builder, which allows you to build and play your own custom tracks. And the other thing: any progress made, times set or tracks made will carry over to the full version once it releases on March 24th (next Thursday).

So, will you be playing the beta, and what marvelous creations (or horrible monstrosities) will you make in the Track Builder? Now, I must go; there's another storm coming, and I predict more blackouts. Goodbye.