The Glowing Sea. What the fuck was Bethesda thinking when they thought of the idea for the thing? I mean, for one, it's not even an ocean, it's just a irradiated, highly hostile piece of the former Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and two: HOW MANY DAMN RADSCORPIONS AND DEATHCLAWS CAN YOU POSSIBLY PUT IN IT?!?!

Well, I suppose I did get 6 Deathclaw Steaks, 2 Radscorpion Egg Omelettes and 18 Radscorpion Steaks out of my terrifying ordeal to reach one Brian Virgil, so, yay?

Anyway, my main topic for today is the Church of the Children of Atom. I have found myself intrigued with this "cult" (if the signs in Fallout 3's Megaton are anything to go by), for a number of reasons:

1. How have they been able to survive in their radiation-filled homes, despite, well, being humans, like basically everyone else? This is particularly true when it comes to Mother Isolde's group that reside in Fallout 4's Crater of Atom A.K.A. the crater formed from the low-yield nuclear bomb that devastated the Commonwealth on that fateful Saturday, October 23, 2077. I mean, how long have they been able to survive there with all that radiation? Do they have an infinite supply of Rad-X and RadAway? If they do, is it possible to steal it? AND DON'T GET ME STARTED ON THE DEATHCLAWS AND RADSCORPIONS.

2. Why do most groups seem to want to "divide" anyone and everyone that comes their way? I mean, they even target the god-damn Minutemen, and they're supposed to be friendly to everyone (excluding Raiders, Super Mutants and the Institute, I guess). Suppose their Gamma Guns and Nuka Grenades sorta suit them, right?

Anyway, I should get going. Procrastinating while attempting to finish a Modern History assessment probably isn't the best idea. Goodbye.